I could do with some advise please. My wife and I have been living here now since 2002. I set up a small business in 2004. I pay my “cotisations” to MSA. We are both covered for health through this. My wife is about to receive her UK pension. Do we go with the S1 UK health cover, or stick with MSA? I am not due to retire until September next year. Thanks in advance for any SENSIBLE information.

My understanding is that once you are covered by the French healthcare service direct by paying into the system then you cannot then revert to coming under the S1 system.

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Thanks Timothy. My wife is covered as my spouse only. She has not paid into the system.

Still no difference Michael, we are in the same position and were turned down by the UK for a S1 for my wife because she is in the french system as my spouse.
We are also with the MSA and I am hoping to retire from farming in the near future, when we do then we will have to leave the MSA and then join CPAM, there is no route back to having a S1 and if you ever decide to go back to the UK then there is a possibility that you will not be allowed back into the UK system and you will carry on being covered by the French system.

Hello this is my first post.
Regarding the above i was covered by the msa and have a an msa pension of 25 euros month for working several winters in the vines and had a msa carte vitale.
When i became eligable for uk state pension i demanded an S1 received it took it to cpam got a new carte vitale with cpam and covered with my S1.
I have been in France 20 yrs and decided who i wanted to cover me and did the necessary. Msa still pay my tiny pension but not my health care.
I had a French divorce and continue with my meuble de Tourism.

Hello Anne… and welcome to the Forum.

Well, with 20 years’ worth of experience… I reckon you will be a great asset…:relaxed:

Thanks Stella.
My main subjects where i have experience are children with Dyspraxia , (as a mother not a medical expert) and anything to do with horses.
I have also spent 10 yrs fighting a case in the French Tribunal :no_mouth: as part of my divorce.
Im busy running my small business so will probably read more than i write.

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This interests me because we have a family member who we believe is dyspraxic, although intelligent, perceptive, emotionally intelligent and kind. He is an adult and has not progressed to independence, in work, educationally or in his social life. He has a remarkable memory. Is there any value, in your opinion, in contact with horses?

Thanks for your input Michael.

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Thanks Anne.

Topic now taken over.

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Please let us know how you get on with MSA/CPAM etc there will be other folk on the Forum who can benefit from your current experiences… :relaxed:


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My OH did a very small amount of work a few years back in a vineyard harvesting grapes. We then got some papers relating to a pension entitlement and were worried that it would affect his S1 that he was due to get. However it transpired that there is some common sense in the system, and because this pension was completely inconsequential it would not affect the S1, and it hasn’t (so far!).

However we were clearly told that working in France and getting a french pension would remove our eligibility for an S1.

(Although we did pay into the french healthcare system, these were voluntary cotisations, which is very different than working.)

Hello Loupblanc, just as a matter of interest did you disclose on the application form for an S1 that you were working in France and that you were covered for your health costs by the MSA ?

Michael when i applied for my S1 i filled in all boxes honestly what ever the questions were.
For my pension same principal for dates where worked in uk and France.
The msa were happy to continue to cover me but i ploughed ahead with the S1 as there are reasons why i thought i might escape some social charges as i still run a small business to pay for my sons education.

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All very good input thanks. I shall update you all when we are sorted out.