Retiring in 5 years

I have a holiday home in France that we are considering retiring to full or part time.
Id like to know what would the healthcare costs be like if we came fulltime. We currently both have health issues so its important we are covered. How would we go about getting it. Is there anything else we need to know?

Assuming to are British to retire here full time you would have to get a visa. The criteria for a visitor visa are enough money - approx €2000 a month for a couple at the moment - and healthcare cover.

If you are retiring at same time as getting your State Pension then no issues as you can get an “S1”, which means the UK would continue to cover your health costs in the same way as for a French person. So roughly 70% of costs would be covered. Many long term expensive diseases are covered 100%. You then have a choice as to whether you take out a mutuelle to cover the rest or don’t bother.

If you don’t have a state pension to start with you would need health insurance, but after 3 months can start the process to join the health service (process can take months). After that you will be charged around 8% of your unearned income over €20,000 a year for health.

And apart from the initial insurance, existing conditions are not an issue. You will have a health check eventually to make sure you don’t have TB.

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