Return to "Normality" - Bother!

AAAGGGHHH! Just had an “isolation” sales call. I was fooled because it was a mobile phone number. Really??? On Ascension Day???

Obviously want you to “ascend” to the heights of comfort :grin:

“Normality” here is (feels like) 2000 bikers &/or boy racers doing 150 km/h on the straight going into the village…
& the weekend’s not even begun

It’s obviously D-Day for those folk… just got back from a chat with a neighbour (width of the road between us)… I was telling her about the call I took this morning… and when she heard what I had said (along your lines of … For goodness sake… this is Ascension Day !!! almost rudeword, almost rudeword)… she roared with laughter.
" you’re too polite Stella…"
Seems she too had such a call and she used really strong words… which she could not bring herself to actually say outloud, now, to me… :smile: :smile: :roll_eyes:

Want to save us money on the electricity bill. Called 3 times already!

Our isolation calls tend to be around 1pm and just after 6pm (they wrongly assume you’ve either finished lunch, or not started preparing dinner). So if anyone calls around those times, I answer with a very exaggeratedly English style, “Hello” - they usually hang up straight away.


We had 12 such “insulation” calls yesterday. The bind moggles.

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Insulation or isolation Roger? :crazy_face:

If I even think about fempting tate by reporting no cold calls to date, am I actually fempting tate, even if I avoid using the actual words that dall cown hestiny on dy mead? :thinking:

Not touched mead in nearly 50 years… a certain young lady of my acquaintance in the bedsit next to mine in Brummagem used to drink it…

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Insulation or isolation Roger? :crazy_face: