Review Home Internet - 4G Box from Bouygues Telecom

The Bouygues 4G service has deteriorated further. It’s dropping out frequently during the day, not just late afternoon/evening, despite 5 bars signal strength.

We’ve tried to contact Bouygues but only get a recorded message.

Any ideas?

Vanessa has used the facebook Messenger chat which has sometimes been helpful and also the Chat on the website itself. However, it is often just the Bot that answers and just gives the message to ring (and then she got the recorded message and SMS messages pointing to the help pages!) She then received a survey about how they performed and answered it with some very negative answers. After that, the speed seemed to get better for a while…

I didn’t realise they had a facility on Messenger -I’ll have a look. My wife had a Zoom session today and had to switch to her UK sim and used up 20% (1GB/5GB) of her data allowance in the process. I’m using my UK sim to send this! :thinking:

@Graham_Lees - do you still recommend the Bouygues 4G offering?


I was getting despondent but tonight it’s working perfectly for the first time in about two weeks. No slow downs or service interruptions at all today despite it still being lockdown and it being the weekend. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

Hey guys,

Moving in to France in few months. Got flat in fairly rural location booked. Just checked copper speeds in the flat on orange website. And it is unimpressive 8-12mbs with 0.5-1mbps uploads.
Thinking 4g router is the way to go.
Few questions:
Is it easy to get a contract if not settled in France yet?
Friend drove by the flat and said he had solid 4g Orange reception (no guarantee it will be fast) what is the easiest way to check it?
If we can not get contract sim what are the best pay as you go options for big Data? Wife and I will be working from home and she is a retoucher and needs to download and upload few GB every day and I spend a lot of time on calls etc.

Alt the best


These links have already been posted in this thread…

Hi Graham,

Yeah I did try it before but that address is not to be found in their database. Orange are saying that not eligible for 4g home box thingy. Can see that closes 4g mast is Orange but probably 1-2 km away and 600m lower. Still friend said he had full 4G reception. Might get an orange Pay as you go 4g box and ask him to test it there when he will be back for Xmas.


Last question. Do you know if Orange or Bouygues give 4g home offers just for the Sim? No box needed and for addresses that do not check out as 4g home suitable? Ie if I go to the shop can I get this contract.
I was thinking to verify it with my B535 4g router and prepaid card and only then go for the monthly commitment. DO not really fancy signing to 79.99e 24month contract on Orange to get unlimited Data. 37e on Orange and Bouygues just for data seems a much more reasonable and 200GB should just about be enough

Bouygues will but not sure about Orange.

Great. Thank you Graham. Will get their prepaid sim for speed testing too.

I keep pondering this thread.
My fixed line (DSL) Orange service seems to average about 6-7 Mbit, while my Orange mobile phone service can be more like 45-50 Mbit (download in both cases, with upload as usual about 1/10). I would like to have the higher bandwidth for home internet use, but suspect that competition for signal from the nearest tower would mean significant periods of lower bandwidth or even total unavailability (such as now, as I type).
Neither Orange nor Bouygues will offer the 4G box at my address, and I don’t seem to be really close to towers operated by either. It would cost an extra 75EUR/month on my mobile plan for unlimited data, plus whatever an extra SIM would cost, and a one-time cost for a wifi router for the SIM.
But for patchy service it just doesn’t seem worth it.

Hi Michael,

Now the question is if Orange or Bouygues will give their 4g box plan to someone that they can not guarantee signal (comes back as not eligible on the website). I totally agree that 70-80e on 24month contract is an overkill when you can get 200GB home 4g data only from them for just under 40e. Again question is if they will give it to address that is in their system outside of the coverage.

Thought I would give the TP-Link a go to see if there was any improvement on download speed.
Just re-boxed it and it will be on its way back to Amazon tomorrow.
I managed to get the Bouygues SIM unlocked in the Archer but that’s about as far as I got. The UI is dreadful! White lettering on a light blue background FFS! My eyes just couldn’t cope with it.
Not worth the hassle. Got a right bleeding headache from it :roll_eyes:

Yes, the UI is dreadful.

you might have mentioned that before I ordered the effing thing :roll_eyes:

Sorry. I find most UIs pretty rubbish, it’s a question of degree.

I started with Bouygeus a couple of years ago after reading about it on here and have been very pleased with it except that from a couple of months ago when the router resets on Sunday Night it changes its address from to which is a real pain. However now after B****T we will not be here for so long at a time it seems a bit of a waste so I was thinking of changing to a phone sim which gives 150Gb per month for only €19.99 per month which is an immediate saving and we rarely use more than 100Gb a month except when the kids come over and work from here.
So my question is does anybody have a recommendation for a 4g router I can buy, ideally with a phone port so we can still effectively have a home phone plugged into it as SWMBO is not mad on using a mobile.
The Teltonika RUT955 looks good but is €206 on but it is portable so we could also use it in the Motorhome while travelling.
I could just tether my phone but I use a lot of wired internet and have a Mesh wireless set up which needs a wired connection, to cover the house.
Has anybody got any other suggestions of 4G Routers that they have used Ideally with a sim or of even usin Free for their internet.
Thanks for the help.#

Just be careful and check that Free will allow a phone contract to be used with a 4G router - I had a problem in UK that Three would not allow this.