Review Home Internet - 4G Box from Bouygues Telecom

If you log in to the Router (usually in your browser) you are presented with the login page which after enter passwords etc you are presented with the main screen at the top of which is the place to set which language you want… click on the arrow and select from there…

Not trying to be negative Ian, just pointing out the facts. I’m not sure what anyone could do beyond that unless they have specific experience of your location and equipment set-up.

Having said that, when it’s running well, you’ve exceptionally good download and upload speeds.

Good luck.

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Thanks Graham but I do not have a language selection on the page unfortunately, I was thinking about flashing it back to standard firmware.

Can’t identify that screen… is it from your mobile rather than a browser such as FF?

It’s the same screen on mobile and pc using FF or SeaMonkey.

Perhaps then you have an old version of the s/w usually automatically updated by Bouygues…
These are my details:
Given that perhaps you don’t have the Bouygues rented B528 router but a sim only contract, perhaps this is the case.

It is unlocked using an unlimited sim, I think I will go down the firmware route.

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Probably not much difference in monthly cost :thinking:

Had the sim for years, all our TV (Sky, Virgin Media, Netflix and Amazon Prime) goes through it as we have a dirty great Chateau in our satellite dishes path to the sky satellite, so around 400gb+ a month usage.

I don’t see anything negative in that comment.

Once again this evening, internet stopped completely at 8:30pm. 5/5 Signal strength according to the router admin home page. At the same time I’m able to stream YouTube normally using my phone via my BT Mobile UK sim with 3/5 bars to an Orange mast.

This is the image of the page concerning Internet Conection on my Bouygues B528 router… I think (but haven’t tried) you can select a different mast from the default in here…

I’m not sure you can choose a mast. If your sim allows roaming you might be able to manually choose a different network if you can enter the necessary APN details.

Here’s a couple of screen grabs from my phone (I’ve put the Bouygues sim into my Huawei B535 for now) - you can see that there is full signal strength and it’s always been like that here almost regardless of where I’ve placef the router in the house. And, strike me down, after almost three hours there is Internet again. Perhaps I’m the last one standing! :grin:

First thing this morning while I was still in bed! :grin:

The electricity here is currently off as EDF is fitting a Linky meter this morning. That’s the subject of a separate post I’m about to send (electricity tariffs).

Quite right Graham, eight months for thirteen households, no ligne fixe or ADSL, unless you used other providers and paid for it. No compensation offered either.

Something’s up this morning on our local telecoms (aka water) tower! One can hope it’s to fix the problems I’ve been having…

The Internet lasted a full hour longer last night than on Monday!

Nice photo… that sky is worthy of a Bob Ross « happy little cloud in your world » monica :wink:

Hope so… is the mast really that close?

According to Google Maps if I walked there from here it’s 0.7 miles, so less as the crow flies.

That’s just over 1.13 K so should be doable. Ours is just over 1K on the other side of a wooded area (so we can’t actually see it) and the speed drops regularly but soon recovers. As for contention, there is a main route within a few hundred meters of the mast carrying quite a lot of traffic including heavies so assuming most (if not all) travellers have a mobile switched on, they will be grabbing some of the bandwidth.

It’s been a bit better in the last couple of days but it still stopped working again at about 9:30pm last night but started working again at 10:30. It was a bit slow for a few minutes just earlier today (1pm). There is no major road near us. I’m just hoping that whatever they did with the crane will result in a more reliable service.