Review Home Internet - 4G Box from Bouygues Telecom


(David Martin) #21

I use most of those but VOIP is a necessity for me.

(anon88888878) #22

I don’t understand David - Skype, FB, FaceTime etc are VOIP providers and they work just fine with the 4G network. :confused:

(David Martin) #23

Most of them are great if you want to communicate with others who share a common platform. I’m happy to use the telephone system linked to my internet connection to contact everyone I need to worldwide as and when I want. Just because I don’t exactly follow your example doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

(anon88888878) #24

??? Hang on David I didn’t say you were wrong. I’m simply clarifying, for anyone interested, that you can easily (and freely!) use VOIP over 4G internet just like you do over fixed line internet - worldwide and whenever you want.

You asked about VOIP and phone calls using 4G - I gave you the answer. You stated VOIP was a necessity for you so I confirmed that VOIP is fully available using 4G.

But hey - you use whatever you want! :slight_smile:

(anon88888878) #26

Just love my Bouygues 4G Box !


(Jeff McWhinney) #27

Hi Lawrence,

I’m interested in finding out where the nearest Bouygues 4g mast is as I live on the fringes in the countryside and Bouygues states that our area is covered but I’m sceptical due to my previous experience.

A link to the 4g mast location sites would be really great.

Many thanks


(Lawrence McNamara) #28

Hi Jeff,

This is the coverage map for Bouygues:|coverage,+France|coverage

That link is for Champsac but just replace the postcode and town as needed in the box.

The other thing I found for the exact location of masts needs a smartphone app to be downloaded but it does work:

Since my first tests of my local signal it has markedly deteriorated and is down to 380kb download and 180kb upload, I also had an email from someone who has a mast very close to her house and has the Bouygues 4G data box package, she previously had a very good and very fast speed but over the last week the signal has disappeared and she can’t even load a web page this morning so I guess her local mast has a problem or here is a wider issue with their 4G service.

For me when I first started to investigate I could walk 1km up the hill from my house and get a 10mb 4G signal but that has now completely disappeared and is back to 3G with extremely slow speed (< 300kb). I’ve no idea what’s going on with their service as it seems very hit and miss whether or not will work from day to day and my French is not good enough to have a dialogue with them and try and get an explanation!!



PS I’m soldiering on with my Orange 1mb broadband service which is supposed to be 2mb, it’s painfully slow but at least it stays up most of the time.

(Danny Silva) #29

Hi there! I just got mine today and it works pretty good. I have a few questions if you can help me out. I want to use it with my IPTV and download a couple of stuff and download a few games for my PS4. I heard that it has a 200 gig cap and then you get 512kbps speed until you renew a new month. Has it happened to you? What sort of limitations have you had with this service? Thanks alot!

(Jeff McWhinney) #30

Thanks Lawrence, I’ve been using this, it’s a great tool and has helped me to determine the most appropriate mobile plan to use for our cottage. Much appreciated.

(anon88888878) #31

Nearly 9 months in and still love my Bouygues 4G Box - excellent! So liberating not having a fixed line service :slight_smile:

(Ian Horswell) #32

Read this with interest but, sadly, mobile coverage in our area is sporadic to say the least.
We tried satellite through Nordnet but were limited in our monthly usage.
We now have WiMAX - free installation (paid for by Conseil Générale) and €39.90 a month after two free months, and unlimited upload/download. Speed varies, but is always faster than our satellite connection was and fast enough for most domestic needs.
Maybe not available everywhere, but eligibility can be tested on the Nordnet website.
Hopefully, helpful for anyone in a similar position to ours.

(Bryn Davies) #33

I cannot recommend this highly enough.
I was with Orange, paying €36.99 a month for a midserable 1.5 Mb connection.
I got the Bouygues box yesterday and now have between 25 and 35Mb for €32.99 per month. Brilliant!!

(Graham Lees) #34

Anyone know if the 30 day free trial offer is still available?

(anon88888878) #35

Yes Graham - I think it’s a permanent thing:

Bouygues 4G Box

Internet speeds
(Graham Lees) #36

Ah, thanks Simon

Have run a test on their website and it seems they can only provide ADSL
to our address :frowning:

(Patrick Isherwood) #37

Does that include the line rental Bryn ?

(anon88888878) #38

?? Patrick - there is no line - it’s 4G. Take a look at the links provided. It’s 32,99€ per month.

(Steve Robinson) #39

Thanks for this posting Simon, had our 4G-Box for one week and am over the moon. From nothing to 200Gb. But getting it was a saga. read about it on our Blog:
All I need to find out now is whether they allow roaming so I can take it away with us in our Motorhome.
Just hope they don’t hike the price or reduce the service after a year.
Thanks againSteve

(anon88888878) #40

Great news Steve and enjoyed your blog! Sadly you can’t roam with your Bouygues 4G Box - they are geo-locked to the masts nearest to your registered address. I still love mine and don’t miss my fixed line one tot! :slight_smile:

(Steve Robinson) #41

Sorry Simon I didn’t see your reply. That is a real shame as we are touring for about half the year quite a lot of it in France where we could continue using the data. Oh well it is great to have the fast speed and for us virtually unlimited data. We rarely stream films so 200gig is plenty.
Two weeks in and have used 50gb and half that was win10 doing a major update.