Review of Ssh by John Eliot

Hi, here is my recent review of the poetry anthology Ssh by John Eliot

My new poetry book, ‘Ssh’ was published May First. I thought you might be interested in owning a copy. As well as my poetry it has been beautifully illustrated by French artist Anne Lamali.

Find attached cover, and back cover showing reviews.

If you wish to purchase, price is £4.99, or 5.99 euros + Postage World £1.20 (1.45 euro) or Postage within France £1.75 (2.10 euro)

Paypal, cheque sterling or euro. Or cash if you live locally to St Clémentin France.

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Please note, this is not a self published book.

Below find a poem from the collection.

I look forward to hearing from you.


John Eliot

The Dancer

perhaps the artist

sees herself

as a lover might

when she tears

figure from soul

stretching her upon a canvas

there to dance


staring in red hues

at the figure

in the exhibition

come to watch

‘isn’t that,’ the watcher

speaks, ‘that woman over there’

a head turns looking

and back

at the painting

‘the model?’


dancing with the artist

For Anne and Jill 08.10.11

NB. I write now under the name of John Eliot.

Reviewer Bethany Pope is not a relation. Bethany is American, PhD. A very renowned and respected poet.

David Cooke has been known in the poetry world for many years, and likewise is equally as respected.

I am flattered by their reviews.

Thanks Kate - glad you enjoyed our book.

There's a little story behind 'Ssh that should strike a chord with members of this forum. Three months ago, shortly after joining the discussion, I was introduced to John Eliot, a poet looking for a publisher. Up to that point, we had never considered poetry -- we publish memoir -- but the quality of John's work, Anne's illustrations and the idea of developing the 'chapbook' format proved too much of a temptation to resist. The rest, as someone said, is history (or will be, we hope, as sales soar...)

If anyone on this discussion group would like to know more about our publishing model, please get in touch, or come and have a word at the St Clementin literary festival in August.