Reviewing Divorce - "The Blame Game"

(stella wood) #1

So much heartache in divorce… is there a better way ?

(Mark Robbins) #2

Never been there myself, but divorce by it’s very nature is usually confrontational.

(stella wood) #3

occasionally one hears of an “amicable” divorce… :thinking:

(Timothy Cole) #4

As someone who’s been through it the biggest issue is not how long you have to wait to get the decree absolute but how long and expensive it is to reach a financial settlement that both parties can agree on.

(stella wood) #5

Ghastly, by the sound of it… so, amicable and not being led by Lawyers… is that a better way to go… ??? is that a possible way to go (for some) ???

(Timothy Cole) #6

My wife and I are currently having to endure BIL’s divorce saga which is now into year three with costs to date now above £50k, IMO there should be a time limit for reaching a settlement.

(stella wood) #7

There must be a quicker way… my BIL has been married 5 times ( + live-in ladies :zipper_mouth_face: ) … got to the point where his Mum refused to buy any more Wedding Presents… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Timothy Cole) #8

Fraid not Stella, if a couple can’t agree a settlement then it has to go through the courts which takes an enormous amount of time as available hearing dates have to be booked months in advance.

(stella wood) #9

Ha ha… 5 times… he married at 21 and then his last marriage was when he was late 50’s… plus the other ladies in between… I think the last lady is on a winner… he is exhausted… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: