RHD Jeep Cherokee for sale

I recently bought a property near Coulonges 86290.

As part of the deal the previous owner included a Jeep Cherokee.

I hit a brick wall trying to register it, but that’s another long and tedious story!

Anyway, I have decided to sell it on if I can.

As far as I can determine it runs without any problems, but I have just taken it to the local village and back a couple of times. 117K (miles?) on it.

It is very old, first registered in 1994. But it does have a new CT dated 20/11/23, I have previous owner’s carte grise and a code a cession from him.

€3000 euros seems about right

Open to offers!



Did you succeed in the end? It might be an important story to a potential buyer if not.

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Hi…is it a 2.5 petrol or 4.0 litre diesel? How much are you asking?

The 4 litre version was petrol too, and very thirsty (15 mpg) :scream:

Yes…sorry…I typed it the wrong way round. We used to have the 4.0 litre petrol and it was very thirsty. I believe the 2.5 diesel is the better option.

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Please can you tell us about the “brick wall” . you hit when trying to register in your own name. ???
this will surely be useful information for any would-be Buyer… and perhaps someone here on the forum can help :wink:


I am a UK resident. Tried and failed to register it at the address of my new house in France.

It has been a learning curve! What a contrast so a single slip of paper sent to DVLA …

I was told that ANTS was the place to do it, but they required a ConnectFrance id to even start of process.

I haven’t been able to set up a ConnectFrance id as…

A ConnectFrance id setup appeared to require French Id card, passport or titre de sejour - none of which I have.

Various Google searches lead me to www.cartegrise.com which I have since seen described as a scam site but they do appear to offer a registeration service for a fee of 69 euros.

Paid my money, including the tax of the vechicle, uploaded all the 8 documents they asked for.

After a few days they rejected the application as my ID didn’t meet the criteria.

It was at this stage I gave up!

They refunded the tax, but kept their fee…

So cooling on the idea of keeping the Jeep, I have decided to sell

I think it is a 4 litre engine. Defo not a car to buy for good fuel ecomony

€3000 euros seems about right

Oh dear… the previous Owner has done the transfer to You in the computers (you’ve got the code)… so I’m not sure a third-party (ie whoever buys it from you) will be able to proceed successfully… as the paperwork (Carte Grise) is not in your name (therefore at odds with the computer)… unless it is a garage (possibly)

But you should be able to Register the vehicle in your name… even if not a Resident… you own a property and (being liable for Property Taxes) should therefore have an “identity” to use with ConnectFrance… (others will correct me if I’m wrong)

In similar, very trying times, our Postmistress helped a Brit through the maze… but I suppose you are in UK…???

If you are coming to France… ask at your Mairie/PostOffice… they might be able to point you in the right direction (or even have someone who understands ANTS to help you/explain/talk you through it …)

Just a couple of tips… make sure the vehicle is insured even if it’s not going on the roads… and note that you’ll need to get a new CT if the car sells after mid June 2024

Best of luck


Try Mark Rimmer - used to post here but no longer an active member, you can find him on FB. He was very good with this sort of thing.


I second that. Did my reg/C.G. on my RHD Pug 307 for me. When I last approached him about doing the biz for an SFer he was happy to have his email address posted, so here it is.


I had a 2.5 diesel Cherokee. Excellent vehicle but even the diesels are not particularly economical 28-30 mpg. A pal had the 4L petrol. He was getting 18-19mpg.

Thank you!

Thank you. Decent car but not for me.

Yes I had a Jeep Liberty (what the Yanks call the Cherokee) when I lived in Turks & Caicos and fuel economy was appalling! Luckily I lived on an island that measured 22 miles by 2 so didn’t have to drive far!! :slight_smile:

It was good on the pothole-infested dirt roads though, which is why I imported it from Florida.

Good luck with your quest to sell this one! I’m sure there’ll be someone who will find it ideal. The predecessor to my Jeep was a Toyota Hilux Surf with a busted cylinder head which was uneconomic for me to repair - but after about 18 months my garage found me a buyer!

A moment of trivia. These diesel 2.5s were made by an Italian company specialising in marine engines. Possibly why torque was more importnant than fuel consumption.

VM diesel engines were/are used by many motor manufacturers and not all have high torque output , Hyundai /KIA for example, my Tucson had a VM diesel engine.