Rhubarb - stink bugs


Just wondered if anyone else has seen a bit of an explosion of stink bugs (shield bugs?) on their rhubarb. Normally, these insects are pretty harmless; they munch a bit and that’s okay. But the explosion of the population and the focus on the rhubarb has harmed the plants a bit… Anyone else had the same observation/issue?


An explosion of pests on a plant can mean that the plant itself is stressed. Nettle “tea” diluted and watered round the roots might help. Or sprayed on the leaves? Though not sure how nettle tea and rhubarb work as a taste combination. :slight_smile:

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Wow, thanks, and the ‘wow’ is also because coincidentally I just pulled out some nettle from around the plants and put them in water to make a nettle ‘tea’. Cheers.

Serendipity. :slight_smile: Just such a wonderful thing.