Ride on mower rough terrain

Is there a ride on mower which is happy with rough terrain. Holes, dips and troughs. We are clearing our jungle and once all cut back we will have to maintain it to keep it all down. We will make a better garden area at the top part later but the bottom will always remain as just a field. Dont want goats, sheep …. But need to keep a handle on it so it will never be this bad again.

OH recently got a John Deere X350 for exactly the same scenario. We have a field which is still pretty rough after about 14 years of owning it and most of those years OH using a small 1960s tractor towing a large agricultural mower. He loves his John Deere which is more than capable of going through the toughest of terrains. HOWEVER, when I used it I found it painfully bumpy going over the old furrows and potholes - it was far from a comfortable mow for me, unlike doing the lawns. John Deere’s are not cheap. I don’t know how much more you would have to pay to get a mower with suspension - or even if they exist.

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Bigger is better for rough terrain, especially regarding track, wheelbase and wheel size.

I have a regular size Stiga ride on mower with agricultural pattern rear tyres which give bags of traction on the various slopes I have to cut grass on, even in damp conditions.

However, it would sake itself and me apart in under 30 seconds if I tried to use it on either of the ancient fields I have, so I’m very happy to have a neighbour who harvests the wild grass and flowers using proper farm machinery.

Do you think given the cost it might work out cheaper to get someone in to cut? Dont know?

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Up to 500 euros per year it would come off your taxable income, at least, if done in the correct way under “Aide à la personne” costs.

More than 500, I got an enterprise in and it was over 1000 but clawed back half.
Oh I’m a moron yes I see what you meant. Sorry!

Sorry but did i misundrerstand something?

Nonono it’s just me being dim - I misread what @KarenLot said: presumably if you spend 500 you get it all back? I got about 500 back on what I paid the garden people.

Aah makes sense now. Thanks. But that is still good. How did you do it?

Before you get the work done you check they are registered so you can offset it against taxes, then they will give you an attestation when the work is done and you just declare it on your tax form and add the document to your online declaration ( much much much easier than it sounds) or put it in with your paper one, et voilà., You will either have a sum removed from what you owe or they will send you some money. If you have someone in to do cleaning that works too. All sorts of jobs can qualify.

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Deere by name and Deere by nature they say

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That is great info. Thank you so much !

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They’re also very against Right To Repair, so they’ll never see a cent from me.

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I repair my BIL’s he has two and keeps whichever ones breaks for me to fix :joy:

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We discovered this last year. The guy doing the work for us was correctly registered, gave us the attestation and advised us as to how to claim. I thought the sum I could claim would just offset any tax I would pay. What I didn’t realise is that if the sum I could claim was greater than the tax I was liable to pay, that the fisc would actually pay me the difference. It was a bit of a shock :exploding_head: