Ride on mowers! Warranty!

What is guaranteed when you buy a new ride on mower from a shop?

The Brand which I have purchased is MTD and I have researched via UK to find out how MTD

deal with problems/defaults/complaints and it attitude seems worlds apart even though the

law is the same....EU standards.

However the management at MTD northern France have failed to educate themselves on the

art of customer service or the warrenty rights .....

I was told that the soil in UK is different to the soil in France!

I replied that the soil in S W France varies from Road to Road sometimes and that if a

ride on Mower is sold in France it should be fit for purpose!

How long was the grass? I was asked!

My meadow grass is cut by a professional with a massive tractor and our grass is

only cut when it is dry and the grass is needing a trim!

We had to pay for a repair and had to take it to a destination 1hr away...

the repair people are rude"and the manufacturers not ready to listien to


Yes nightmare!


We had similar problems with a sentar wheeling from new never worked tried to take back BUT the dealer is only obliged to repair, i even took legal action but no they only have to repair not replace so repair they did for 2 years until the warranty rang out.

we were told not to drive up hills do not cut grass etc, i could run faster than the mower we had an indent garage give us a devis which was put right after legal action but never worth it

bon courage


Ah but ever since we had the ride on repaired I n La Reole... It has been ok... The machine was faulty and the manufactuer AND the retailer would not admit this.

Mmm, this is all very odd as I have never had a problem but:

a) I have always bought my stuff from Thomas who give in my experience excellent post sales service.
b) The tractor is from John Deere and the lawnmower from Honda.

A long time ago, 1999, I bought a strimmer from some odd manufacturer and when I had a problem I was told to “take a long walk on a short pier!” which seems to reflect your experience. I got it working eventually and 17 years later it is still giving good service.

So that poses the question, it is the “quality” of the manufacturer (*price???) and/or the quality of the local supplier that is the defining factor in the quality of post sales service?

I am not suggesting this is right or that it conforms to our legal rights but if that is the case then we know the answer.

Do you agree?

Peter it is a little like the difference in service you get when staying in a five star
hotel…look at the difference in the way you are treated in a 2 star for instance.

But it should not matter whether you pay 70 euros a night or 300 … a customer has paid
for something which has a price tag on it.
The product
should be fit for use…even if the ride on only last a year or so…it should work on day
And all clients should be dealt with in a respectful manner.
There was never an apology just a constant attack on my partner saying that he abused
the machine…trying to get away from facing up to facts.
This is one thing which seems to be ripe in France.

Barbara I agree with you 100% but that seemingly is not the way it works at least in our experience at least with some products and some suppliers in France.

But sticking with the hotel example, if I receive bad service, irrespective of the number of stars, I shout of course but never stay in that hotel chain again.

I have found writing to the CEO (PDG in France) very productive as that most times, not always I admit, generates some action. But I have learnt thru bitter experience to travel less often but more expensively.

Best thing you can do, is post your experience on their web site if they have one, Facebook or some such blog and well here as well, so we all know what suppliers and products not to use.

I too travel less often and now only go for 4 and 5 star hotels.
Recently we were at the basque coast and enjoyed staying in
3 very nice places.
But I was just using a similie|…

I think that buying four or five star mowers is more important than staying in four or five star hotels. Mowers are not for a night or two, they are for years and years of work. One with a well engineered chassis and cutting deck, sold by a good distributor with a full spares and servicing infrastructure will always be better than buying a bargain band from a Brico or supermarket. You really do get what you pay for.


David this is a conversation.
Please refrain from dictating.

I’m expressing an opinion based on opinion. Dictating? I can’t afford a secretary.

I do agree with “you get what you pay for” no question.

However, personally I do not want to spend my money on a John Deere which would cost plus of 4.000…

I appreciate good hotels and fine restaurants and get pleasure from

using them on my brief vacations. That is my choice.

However…as I have said before each item of equipment or machinery should work on day 1 and have some life expectancy. And each client

should be dealt with respect. It is not the vendors right to treat a client as if they do not use the items correctly.

In our case my partner has been using a mower for many years and although he is not a mechanic he is well aquianted with workings of a ride on.

Personally I never go near the machines…not my thing!

The sun is out in our region…have a good day.

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