Ride on mowers

Is there anyone out there looking to sell a ride on mower, local to the south of the Charente Maritime or the north of the Gironde? Moving back to the UK perhaps?

My own fault, but I have knackered mine drove under the swings and the rope caught on the gear change lever and pulled it into reverse and the whole thing seized. A second hand gearbox was fitted but only lasted about an hour. So looks like it is dead in the water. Just had it overhauled with new battery, new bearings and blades sharpened etc. and the engine runs fine, which makes it even more annoying.

This is a Columbia ride on mower and the Model number is PS17B107H and Serial number 12067D001219 KG: 200. KW: 12.3. RPM: 2500. Built in 2007 with twin 42”cutters. If anyone out there has one with perhaps a dead engine but OK gearbox I would like them to get in touch before I have to resort to buying a new unit.

Many thanks Ian Woodward


Hi, Ian,

I do in fact have a similar one, 12 years old, and still going strong, made by Electrolux, and bizarrely called "Predator"!

Ian they roll off the same assembly line in Italy, responsible for most mowers in europe.

Hi Peter, it is also more or less identical with the MDT units. Had a look at an MDT and a Best Green unit side by side today in Bricomarche with a 200€ price difference apart from the colour and the BG unit having bigger front wheels could not tell them apart. There was an identical MDT model on the other side, same price, same model number but one had lights and the other didn't!? The Gallic/Garlic shrug was then utilised with no answer as to why. One last years model perhaps? Also told the BG was more powerful still trying to work that out as both B & S engines were listed as 366 cc but had different numbers. Now the rain has stopped I will nip out and get my clipboard from the back of my truck where I wrote down the relevant information. I will pass the parts site onto my mate. Cheers for now.

I was about to comment that the picture looked suspiciously like my Husqvarna in a different livery - unfortunately, not selling mine just yet - the irony of the situation is that virtually everything else on mine is knackered, damaged, warped or worn, but not the gearbox ! (at least not yet). It has lasted surprisingly well considering how badly I manhandle it in my jungle - 7/8 years old and counting.

Hi, Ian, again, Sorry should have said I think the Columbia is an AYP/Craftsmen/Husqvarna (?)/Electrolux clone.

Bad luck , Ian. Dont know the serial number of the part, but www.discountonlineparts.com seem to do AYP complete transmissions from 150 $. Trouble is getting it here.

Hi Ian,

If you end up selling the old one I would be interested.

I need a new deck for mine.

Sure, I will try and find out more tonight.

Hi John, thanks for that have been looking at the new ones with collection bags and all about the 1800€ mark at Bricomarche, Leroy Merlin, Espace-Emeraude etc. The guarantees vary from 2 to 3 to 5 years but distance from home to shop becomes a factor then. Brico offer a home service for an add on price, closest to us at Jonzac. Loads on E-Bay UK but no ride ons that I could find on E-Bay France.

Hi Ian, we have friends who I think are selling theirs, they were last season and I know they still have it as people don't buy mowers in winter. I will try and find out some more.....

We are looking ourselves. Try leboncoin, there are certainly occasional ones on the local bit of the site. The trouble is that many of the people selling want ridiculous prices. We have more than once seen used ones that are more expensive than new on the Priceminster site. The other point is buying used means no warranty and repairs/maintenance cost some. We have bought one of those ultra-powerful walk alone mowers (four wheel kind better than three type) but also need a sit on, having also brushcutters, chainsaws and other things from that dealership we can throw in things we did not buy from them for servicing. So, when a chainsaw and part of the mower went kaputt inside warranty, for which we got free replacement parts/repair, we had a couple of other things done at the same time which we paid for, but less than had we not been regular punters. It is worth paying full price to get that couple of years support rather than getting it in the neck with no cover.