Riding in les landes - help needed

Dear horse lovers,

I’m usually very quiet in this forum, just happy to read about all your various stories and experiences…

Today I’m calling out for help. I’ve been training a young “trotter” Sultan for 6 months now. He’s not mine, I’m just spending my free time with him, as his owner doesn’t have the time to do it. As you know, trotters need some serious “re-education” after they’ve been banned from the races… They’re often scared, hysterical, but with a real desire to learn! Now, Sultan is ready to try his first walks outside his “field - garden - working area” but I don’t want to ride him alone in the “open air” as his reactions can be unexpected sometimes… he will feel more confident with another horse (and me too…). Sultan lives in Taller, a small village near Castets, in Les Landes (dpt 40).

If one of you guys happen to live in the area, and if you’re willing to keep us company for a few rides on sundays, please, please, please, contact me asap!!!

Thank you, on behalf of Sultan!



You just need a van… The forest you see in the pictures is just behind Sultan’s home, so, very convenient!!! There’s lots of different sandy paths through the forest, so lots of different rides each times!
A friend went riding with me the other day with her own horse, Sultan was very happy to walk with another horse!!! lots of trotting - good for the heart and muscles!! - It was awesome! Because les landes are so wide, I do feel a bit lonely riding sometimes!!! I usually take my dog and a friend (on a bike) or just walking, and we “share” Sultan if the walk is too long! But there’s nothing like riding with several horses together!!!

Take care!!!

Gorgeous! Really jealous of your riding - I love the forest up there.

Sultan and Vickie (the dog) in the forest…

Yep, I see what you mean! I was lougeing (not sure of spelling) Sultan the other day, he was cantering all nice and well, and a couple of harleys drove passed us, feet down on the accelarator!.. Sultan was nice enough not to take my arm off when he stood up on his back paws as if he wanted to climb and hide up a tree!!! Everything happened so fast, that I hardly realised what was going on, so I just kept on lougeing him, pretending that nothing happened, while he was galloping in circle and jumping (rodeo style) at the same time… very tiring experience… crazy creatures! :slight_smile:

I do empathise with you, as I am in a similar position. Our boy is quite literally afraid of his own shadow if he’s out alone, but we managed to get him to accept hacking out alongside a quad bike - handy if you run short of willling cyclists & also if you meet the local farmers out on their quads, too! Just need to eliminate the world’s population of cows now…sigh!

Thank you all for your messages!!!
the owner has no mean of transportation for Sultan, that’s the main issue… What I’ll do this w-e is that I’ll go and “inspect” the area around the house, see the different entry points for forest and paths. Then, I’ve got a friend who’s going to come with us on sunday riding her bycicle (thx Catherine for the idea!!!), or even walking next to us. We’ll see how he goes from there.
Catherine also made me realise that he hasn’t been in contact with any other horses for a while, so maybe I’ll stick to the human company for a few rides, and then try to “introduce” him to other horses. God it’s complicated sometimes!!! Sultan got trained for the races, and then, when they realised he wouldn’t fit in, he was left without any sort of education or stimulation for quite sometimes before my friend bought him. The girl who sold him said that he was nice, not scared at all, perfect horse for biginners and kids… And it was the opposite!!! My friend kept him anyway, and I started helping Sultan to calm down, socialize with people, teach him to canter, to obey with my voice when being lounged…all these type of things… A lot of work and lots of worries!!! But now he’s closing his eyes and breathe slowly when I groom him, and the other day, our 2 dogs fought together between his 4 legs, and he didn’t move an inch!! a totally different horse than 8 months ago…

I’ll keep you updated on the rides, and we’ll try to have this big boy making friends when he’s ready!

Thx guys!!!

I work my horses every day and have a variety from schoolmasters youngsters.
I am located between Saint Sever and Hagetmau if you have transport you are more than welcome to come here as there are plenty of places to go.
If not I can come to you as I have my own lorry.



How old is he, was he trained for trotting, and is he gelded?

If he’s been trotting, then he must be used to be driven, so I’d long rein him outside his comfort zone to give him the confidence to go it alone. :slight_smile:

Hi Gaby
Bear in mind that if he doesn’t know the other horse, going out for a walk together could prove ‘interesting’ as they say in French…
A friend on a bicycle could work - I have resorted to this before with my mare who can be really spooky out on her own. Or another person on the ground. Happy to come and do that if you like?