Right Name Wrong Person

Earlier last week I noticed an 800 euro payment leave my bank account in favour of the Tresorerie Public which was followed the next day with a payment to my bank of 80 euros with the reference Frais Irreg.Et Incidents. I quickly checked my online Impots Espace Particulier although I knew all my taxes were up to date. Sure enough everything was in order and there was no record of a payment due for 800 euros?
A call to my bank confirmed that they had been instructed by the Tresorerie to make the 800 euro payment and the 80 euros was the banks charge to set up a reserve account for another as yet unspecified amount that was to be paid to the Tresorerie in the coming weeks.
My contact at the bank tried to reassure me to not worry as often these things turn out to be a mistake which is all very well but it didn’t ease my worry and concerns.
After a few phone calls I spoke with the relevant person at the Tresorerie who , after I had given them my name, checked and informed me that yes your name matches the debt !!
When I asked what it’s for, they said that it’s for unpaid services for my home in ???, but I don’t live there I replied, I live in ???. The person put me on hold for a little while and then told me that they would look into it and call me back.
They called me back later that day and told me that they had indeed make a mistake. It turns out that there’s another John Hall who lives in the Dordogne (and he does owe money). They expressed “sincere apologies” on behalf of the municipal treasury and said that they will transfer the €800 which was wrongly taken from my account back into my account the following day, so I should receive it early next week. They apologised once again for the mistake and confirmed that all my taxes were up to date and I didn’t owe any money.
I informed my bank and asked them to refund tier 80 euro charge but was informed that it was not possible and I would have to pursue the refund from the Tresorerie !!
What I find incredible is that the Tresorerie applied the debt to my name without even checking my fiscal number and also almost as incredible that there is another person with my name about 50 kilometers from me!
I hope that next week when I speak with the Tresorerie that they are as quick to agree to refund the wrongly applied bank charge as they were to wrongly raid my bank account.
Am I alone or has anyone else experienced such shoddy service from their Tresorerie?

That is appalling.
As you really shoddy service.
I hope you get your 80 emuros back, plus a payment for all the problems they have caused you.

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Thanks Jane, I will let you know.