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We’ve got a BM with heated seats that aren’t rented, but it’s one we imported from Germany - heated seats are fairly rare in the Midi, but very welcome in winter. But a heated steering wheel…?

I’ve never owned a French car (think they’ve all either been German or Italian) so I don’t know if the following is the case, but I have a long held theory, based on many years driving in France that most French cars are sold with only two working brake lights and that one has to pay extra for (or rent?) the third one.

It’s a thing.

Personally I’d be more interested in a refrigerated steering wheel, but that’s just me.

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Even Elon doesn’t do that. Haha

Both our ID3 and Skoda have heated steering wheels. At -20 it is appreciated!

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I’m not sure how true this is, and with a I4 on order I will check it out. I suspect it’s a charge for turning on a feature that was physically included in the vehicle but wasn’t actually selected as an option. Therefore a subscription fee.

For example, the I4 has a “dashcam” option but if one doesn’t select it at purchase time it can be switched on later for a one time charge (OTC) because all the hardware is already there.

That’s not an issue IMO when compared to how Tesla keep control of your vehicle through software updates even though you have “bought” it. I don’t want a company run by a stoned lunatic visionary fiddling with my firmware🤭

The move from OTC to an annuity revenue stream is a no brainer for any business, once they can weather the up front dip in revenue. I was always a annuity man myself, starting a new year with 90% of revenue in the bag is the only way to run a business :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Even slow learners like Microsoft et al have come to the same conclusion over the years and moved to annuity :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

So let me get this right. BMW are going to sell me a very expensive car that is fitted with lots of features that don’t actually work. So, I could go and buy a different make of car, probably for less cost than a BMW, and it probably comes with all the same features that do actually work as standard. Apparently BMW actually think this is a good idea ?
One wonders how long it will take for some backstreet vehicle electronics whizkid to come up with a once and for all £50 fix that turns everything on anyway.

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Be careful of heated seats

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