Rights as a tenant location meublée saisonnière

Hello I have been renting a property for 4 months and I had a locstion meublee sasaionaire contract and I haven’t found another place to stay yet and now the landlord is asking me to leave in two weeks do I still get the same rights as a normal tenant .

Hi Oisin and welcome to the forum.

I am pretty sure you have no right to insist on staying put… when your Contract ends… it ends.

If you wish to confirm what I am saying, you could always talk with your local Mairie…

What does it say in your contract? As that should make clear what sort of location it is. What I find odd is that a location meublée saisonnaire is normally for 3 months, and you have few rights especially if the place is furnished. And even less rights if the place is the owner’s main residence and they’ve just been away.

Was the original period for 3 months and you have overstayed to make it 4? If so then I don’t think you are on firm ground to demand to stay, particularly as we are now out of the trêve hivernale when you can’t evict people.

Hi Oisin

I’ve been checking “droit-finances”… and a “location saisonnière” … comes with only the rights to stay at those premises for the duration of the contract… not even a Winter Truce… as it is designed to be a temporary place for someone to stay.

"la notion de trêve hivernale ne s’applique pas à une location saisonnière. Une location saisonnière est donnée à titre de “résidence secondaire temporaire”

In other words, it’s down to the “tenant” to go back home (wherever that may be)… or find another place to rent.

So, if you are looking for a long-term rental, it would be best to state that at the start of any negotiations in future…



Hello ,
That is correct I just have been paying my rent and the landlord told me that I must leave in two weeks one month after the contract finished.
This is leaving me in a difficult position as I only have 2 weeks to find a new place and yes the accommodation is furnished

Then I’m sorry but you should leave as this sort of accomodation is for 90 days maximum. If you need long term accomodation then you should look for a normal furnished flat rather than holiday or seasonal places. Then you would have rights as a tenant. In holiday homes you are not a protected tenant.

If you do not have a “home” in France… you should not take out these holiday rentals… you need to find a permanent place.