RIP Burt B

Exceptional musical talent


Very sad but what a career and legacy he has left us. I grew up with my parents playing Burt, Carole King, James taylor and many others - from cassette tapes :grinning:


In this clip the little boy leading the song was our friend who sadly died at Christmas RIP Eddy.

It was also the enormous breadth of his talent firstly from this LP , which I bought s/h as an art student in 1971 (and still have). Bacharach was the musical director of this concert and part way through she makes a typical Dietrich tribute , “Burt Bakrak - zay say e is my composer(!) but e eez everyone’s composer!”

But fifty odd years later it’s still an amazing concert that links us to an earlier time. It’s wonderful in many ways, and not least for being dramatically very OTT!

Marlene Dietrich - Dietrich in London (1965) - YouTube

And yet only three years later he could also write Do You Know the Way to San Jose?, which is both poignant and timeless.

Do You KNow the Way to San Jose by Dionne Warwick - YouTube

Burtbakrak - an amazing talent!