RIP John Haynes

anyone who has dabbled under the bonnet (or whatever), will possibly have glanced at one of this man’s manuals… great chap … R.I.P

On-line information as well…

We’ve got more manuals than we have cars nowadays… :thinking:

Ahh, that’s sad. Haynes original manuals were always based on actually taking the relevant car to bits and then putting it back together again with the minimum of expertise or specialist tool. Haynes was the first (and maybe the only) guy to publish workshop manuals that never said “use the XXXX Motor company’s (incredibly expensive) special tool to remove the spangle grommet from the whatsdoofer”. His manuals said “if you get an old screwdriver, bend it with a lump hammer and stick it around the back of the spangle grommet then the whatsdoofer will pop off”. Many’s the spangle grommet I popped off cheaply with his advice. Invaluable manuals for the skint motoring enthusiast.


I just read…

“On his way to their wedding he stopped to buy Annette a second hand IBM Proportional Space Type Writer as her wedding present.”…

What isn’t there to love about this man?


Awwww…loving what you said John…my first car was an original H reg mini…(1969…???) and I was due to take my driving test in her in 1981…my dad had risked his life (!) giving me driving lessons and then on the morning of my driving test the clutch failed on my h reg mini…(Harriet)…no time to consult Haynes so my Dad lent me his car which I had never driven before and so failed on three point turn and taking a (perfectly executed…!) right turn rather than a left…

Haynes got her going again and I drove her for 6 months before taking my second test which I passed…x :slight_smile:


They were our bibles back in the day. Normally filthy dirty covered in oil and grease too (the manuals weren’t too clean either​:rofl::rofl:) - happy days :blush:


I spent many a “happy” weekend dismantling a series 2a Land Rover when I was 17…not because of any love of cars etc., just so that I could get to work on Monday, & pay for the following weekends repairs.
Nearly 40 years later, if I have to change a fuse in my van, I get a migraine.

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For many years, in UK the Christmas Break was when OH hauled the engine out of our vehicle… (old and always needing attention)… like you, he had to work swiftly to get the car back on the road for work…

happy memories…

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Your phrase almost reads like “old & always needing attention…like you”
Thankfully, you’ve mastered punctuation Stella :slight_smile:


I still use have his manuals for two of our cars. I have to use Google for the most recent car.

This one is pretty handy too !

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I have a Haynes workshop manual under the driver seat of my Series 3 Land rover, and can spend a happy half-hour sitting behind the steering wheel, vehicle stationary, just turning the pages and looking at those amazing ‘exploded’ illustrations of the Landy innards (and outwards).

The Landy smell enhances the experience, there is no substitute, it’s a bloke’s Chanel No5 :flushed: