RIP Ken Dodd

Always made me chuckle… hope he brightens your day…

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The funniest anecdote I heard this morning was from a reporter who interviewed him some time ago. After the interview finished, Ken put a small parcel in the interviewers top pocket and patted it saying “Have a drink on me lad”.
Turned out to be a tea bag :rofl:


Ken Dodd arrived to officially “open” a new Music store in Exeter… aeons ago when I was about 12…

That Saturday morning, he arrived dressed very smartly, but ordinary…hair tidy, softly spoken. From an upstairs window, I watched as he transformed himself. Glasses off, the coat was shrugged to one side (half off the shoulder), hair fluffed-up and broad grin that lit up the whole world (or so it seemed)and with a loud, raucous repertoire of jokes and chit-chat…he went forward to greet the crowd.

I was fascinated at his transformation and have followed his antics every since…:relaxed::relaxed:


A legend in our time, the likes of which we will never see again.
It’s not everyone who can take on the Inland Revenue and win…

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No I guesse not!

But I took on the VAT office and won.


Well done Barbara.

Thank you…not a nice experience. I found out that the VAT inspectors received commission
on trapping directors into extra VAT revenue.
The chap who tried to destroy us resigned when he realised that he had failed.

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