Road Deaths ...a Thought

I saw that road deaths had risen by 8% last month . Does anyone think that the slow and continuous rise is related in any way to the slow and continuous rise in the strangulation of the traffic system?

New radars, mobile radars, 20-30 kph limits , intersections and junctions that are almost impossible to work out at the first encounter, constant changing of speed limits for no apparent reason ,and the no existent traffic flow system that sees a major clinic built on a one way system between to tram crossings within 200 meters in Montpellier .

I have just been the victim of regulations....a learner driver I was carefully following was level with the traffic lights, they turned to amber ,she continued, the instructor saw the Radar ...shouted STOP ... I braked my moto, controlled skid , until the brake lever snapped in my hand ...4 broken ribs and 12 hours hospital . I was lucky ...but this was an instructor not following the law to avoid the restrictions imposed .

Any other readers had similar experiences ?

A friend is going through the French driving school licensing process because he missed the deadline for conversion to a French licence from a Canadian licence. One of the MC questions on the test:

If the speed limit is 90 km per hour how fast are you allowed to drive.

Possible answers:

30 km per hour

50 km per hour

70 km per hour

90 km per hour

110 km per hour


30, 50, 70 or 90.

Not 110.

Neither speed or tailgating are necessarily evil, The Joker is evil, but the are somewhat irresponsible.

Interesting document.
Seems like motorists in France are more likely to kill themselves, while the main victims in the UK are pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, though I am not sure what conclusions can be drawn from that.
Road deaths among older people are not necessarily due to incompetence or failing awareness, but could also be accounted for by being less able to survive major trauma. The apparent increase in number of road deaths in the +65 age group should not be regarded as a reason to legislate against older drivers.

And speed is evil when used at the wrong time or in the wrong place. But it isn't quite as evil as tailgating, which is always an unmitigated evil!

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If no one ever does anything "Risky" in their lives , they probably die in a blind panic . Risk is in the mind of the person risking his life . Be it to rescue an accident victim, save a person during a terrorist attack or just for the hell of it . Calculated risk is a part of being human, if you lose the ability , I feel you have lost the meaning of life .

Speed is not evil:

Yeah but I'll bet you enjoyed it at the time David.

When I was 17 years old I raced a friend home from London Ontario Canada to Woodstock Ontario. We both had new Honda 305 motorcycles, mine (a Hawk) a touring model and his a sportster. We cruised side by side for 30 miles at 105 miles per hour. Had I crashed that day my mother would have been devastated and it would very likely have destroyed our family as I was the first born and a lot was expected of me. We have all done silly things and the folly of youth is understandable. Now as an adult, hopefully a responsible one, I tend to err on the side of caution. If you choose otherwise be aware that you not only risk your own life but the life of those who love and depend on you. You also risk hurting innocents. Sorry for the rant but I have been in terrible avoidable situations and sometimes the only way to forget is to remember a little.

Start slow, I could give you some tips if you like, check out if you have a home trainer. Be safe.

Thanks David , yes I'm a motard ,and I was a cyclist before , bit of touring and hill work ,I really pay special attention to cyclists , they are so vulnerable on the open roads . I am hoping to cycle again, but health problems limit me .

Shortly after the war, the father of a school friend took delivery of a brand new Vauxhall and took us for a ride on the dual-carriageway A127.
When I told my Dad that we had been up to 60 mph. the old man said, "Sounds like a bit of a maniac to me, better not to go out with him again."

True story.

Between the wars my dad's aunt was killed whilst crossing the road by a drunken irishman riding a pushbike.

If we all returned to horses and walking , I guarantee Children would be killed by runaway horses, and we could get our guilt trips and self righteousness trips that way . Horses bolt for no reason, cars brake for no reason ,cyclists cross junctions against the lights,pedestrians walk into streams of traffic texting , birds fly into car windscreens ,tyres puncture , motorbike brake levers snap in the riders hand under braking ....Be aware ? You need a direct line to Gypsy Rose Lee to avoid unforeseen dangers the moment you get out of bed each morning , providing the bed hasn't collapsed.

Incompetent clowns always kill their own children as the result their actions ,not the resulting actions caused by the innocent involvement and injury of persons affected .

Blaming everyone else for ones thoughtlessness is a wonderful excuse to continue on ones' route of perfection in incompetence and clowning ...IMHO

All this talk about speed and accidents. It is difficult to say when and under what circumstances it becomes irresponsible to drive at speeds in excess of the posted limits. I have taken far too many risks in my life. I have seen far to many casualties. Fortunately I am getting a new dog on Saturday and will be walking outside with a purpose again.

fast: 130/140 instead of 110. In Austria and Germany even faster. Today's cars make these speeds the same as 110 in my first car in terms of safety. ABS brakes and such.

If you see me on a Specialized S-Works Roubaix SL3 Team Cavendish HTC Highroad bike give me a wave. I am the really slow old bugger. Of course I think you mean a motorcycle. Ride ON and be safe.

You are absolutely right. However if you could avoid the crash entirely by simply being more aware and going a little slower that would be a better outcome. If that "incompetent clown" happened to have his or her child in the rear seat and you killed the kid you would feel bad for the rest of your life no matter how at fault the other driver was.

I am also an old ,LIVE , biker thanks to leaving enough distance for the vehicules in front to do any number of illegal and dangerous maneuvers. My Fathers' advice when I passed my test in 1961 was, "Drive as though you are invisible, car drivers will never see you so be prepared" I will be riding on after APRIL...IN THE SAME MANNER WITH A NEW BIKE ....but I know you wont see me !

It's not the fast driving/riding.

It's the sudden stopping usually because some incompetant clown has pulled out that is the problem...............

Why do you drive fast? This is not a criticism it is a question. I am afraid to drive with my British neighbour as she seems incapable driving at a reasonable rate of speed. I try to drive within the limits because I do not want to be fined and I know that my response time in an emergency is quicker if I am going slower. How could I ever forgive myself if I injured someone due to my own disregard for the law?

it would be interesting to compare traffic stats with their neighbor Germany, where not only drivers are able to move much faster than in France but also, and this is a personal opinion only, they have newer and therefore safer cars?

During our years in France, my single largest complaint was the inevitability of getting fined for speeding. Yes, I drive fast, but accident free since I have received my license 30 some years ago. If indeed speed reductions and the over use of roadside radar would contribute to actual road safety I would never complain. Fact though is, it's a money grab by local and statewide authorities. Not just in France. In seven years driving around the US all I have ever received was one infraction, whereas in my first year in France I had 5 speeding tickets, four of which were on my initial drive in from Germany.