Road rage caught on dashcam

I just experienced a recent road rage incident. 90Kpm straight road, the vehicle in front was doing 75Kph, so I went to overtake quite legally, the vehicle sped up to well over the speed limit and I had to back off, he did it again for no reason, so I flashed him.

He then slammed on his brakes and swerving being ‘a knob’. He slowed down to 30 in the next village, constantly brake-checking me.

I noted the gendarme driving in the opposite direction, so I flagged him down and told him what happened.

I have a dash-cam and offered them my SD card or to at least view the video. I was shocked that their reply was “We can’t do anything about it as we did not take the video from our vehicle”. Your dash-cam video is not proof.

In the motherland, he would be prosecuted with my evidence, but not here apparently.

This seems to be a pattern of behaviour now in the UK. Drive on a national speed limit road that’s clear and dry at 45mph, then accelerate when someone tries to overtake with extra points awarded if racing them into the face of oncoming traffic. :roll_eyes:

If the motherland is Russia then quite possibly the police would have taken action….

But in many countries the standard of proof is pretty high so their reaction doesn’t surprise me, especially as no accident happened. Had something happened, or if they had seen something, you could use your dash-cam in a court as your evidence. Cyclists have to do this all the time sadly. For police to verbalise or penalise someone for dangerous driving without their own evidence seems unlikely.

I had a prat in an Aston Martin do that to me in San Francisco, so, much to my daughter’s amusement, I gently hit in the back with my rented Mustang :joy: He went ape :slightly_smiling_face: then we proceed along the highway, me behind him, until the road split for the Golden Gate or downtown, I hung back until he committed then took the other option, downtown. A short while later a Range Rover started beeping behind me so I stopped and went back to have a chat. The lady driving told me she had it all on her dash cam if I wanted it and she’d be happy to act as witness to the jerk’s dangerous driving. Full CDW is a very liberating thing.



My advice would be to let him/her get on with it.

I was taught defensive driving (it served me especially well for the 60 years I rode a motorcycle), and although it’s difficult, it’s best to console yourself with the knowledge that they will try it on one day with someone who will get nasty - I’ve seen it.

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Indeed, I’m an ex-IAM motorcycle instructor, I know the area, and knew there was a pinch-point coming up, which is why I pulled over.

Good info thanks!

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Some UK police forces have a website dedicated to receiving dashcam videos for consideration of any possible offences.

dashcam videos

I’m a bit conflicted about the police doing that.

On the one had some driving is atrocious and the police can’t be everywhere, especially with the reduction in their numbers.

On the other it normalises “ratting” on your metaphorical neighbour - which can be open to abuse in less tolerant societies.

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