Roadworks hell

Hello cheerful Brightish people.

Get your coffee and let me pour my heart out.

Some of you know that I’m disabled. I broke my spine in a freak trapeze accident, well not really but technically I can’t walk because there are two breaks in my spine and you wouldn’t believe what my neck looks like on rayon. Added to that, many injuries, asthma, metabolic disease and hypermobility disorder etc etc ad nauseum. So I don’t play football anymore. Onlh with the neighbours cat anyway.

Someone saw a lot of profit in ripping the whole village up for ‘improvements’ and the noise and obstruction has been endless. My house is wooden and the works seem to have focused on our group of houses for months, shaking the whole house for 8 hours a day.

A few months ago I went out and came back to find that they had ripped out our fence, driven machines all over the grass and obstructed the path to the house with a pile of earth, no warning or apology. the front grass is too uneven to mow now and the strimmer shakes my spine and leaves me sick.

These works are supposed to be the whole village but they spend most of their time obstructing our houses in one place, for weeks now, the road has been up and closed, getting in and out of the property has been difficult and dangerous and my neighbours have suffered the same. There are trenches without ramps, loose scalpings and stones, mess, machinery and equipment everywhere and of course machines and noise all day.

last week after very short notice they again blocked us in with trenches, in theory we could leave our cars at the hall, but I couldn’t because the locking system on mine is broken and due to my car being robbed and vandalised in safe serene rural France before, I can’t leave it out of sight, so basically no car, we’re a tiny rural village, no shop, 5km to a shop. The warning we got was that the closure would last from last week to today midday. For the last two days they’ve done nothing and I needed a break from the noise so I walked to the nearest town and had a day out, I’ve now been doing this for weeks and it makes me ill because technically I can’t walk, but it saves my mental health.
I came back expecting the trenches and stones to be cleared and the car liberated but for the second day running, they’d done nothing.
Its just our end of the village, everyone else is having life as normal.

Someone said they would help me with shopping but then went awol, and it is severely hurting me, having to walk to the supermarket and back carrying what I can in a backpack up a steep hill.
I fell on the mess of scalpings and stone as I tried to get back into the property.

What can I do about all of this? I don’t mean to be a very British moaner but it’s become intolerable.

Whereabouts are you ? I’m happy to help if you’re not too far away.

Not very positive maybe but why not move closer to civilisation with shops etc ?

Doesn’t your insurance cover cost of the car damage ?

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Hi AJ, I feel your pain!
Have you reached out to the Mairie? They will have an assistante sociale whose job it is to advise and help in these sorts of circumstances and organise things like shopping and clearing away your rubbish bags for collection etc.
ISTR another thread some time ago of a similar nature by someone experiencing problems with works at their neighbours property where (in this case) there had been disruption to the access to the property and paint spillage over their front door which the Maire sorted out pretty promptly.
Seek help with things - I know you like to be independent but sometimes you have to accept that help is required - just ask for it!
bonne courage!


Hi Graham,

The Mairie are ignoring all complaints and concerns. Our Mairie are merde, excuse my language. They are well aware of the situation.
One of their, what’s the word for councillors in French, lives up the road and is completely obstruction free at all times!

Hi Peter,
Its a lot more complicated than that. Part of my work is caretaking property, which is what I’m doing here, I’m also a writer, and… I came here for peace and quiet!!!
I have a scheduled move to another property in the future but can’t go before then!
I’m 22/56 border

who’s the higher authority above the mairie to complain to?

can the notaire for the property advise?

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I’m in 56 and know the 56/22 border due to explorations when my family have visited…my son took a photo where I have one foot in 56 and one foot in 22…:slightly_smiling_face:

I’m willing to help you get supplies if needed all you have to do is ask…:heart:


I think the issue may be that AJ is not the property owner but affectively a guest in the property as guardien and as such, she has no pecuniary interest. As a result, she might have some difficulty in making her voice heard. The powers that be might take more notice if it was the owner…
The higher authority above the Maire is the Prefect.

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The owner has also spoken to the Mairie, so have other villagers.
Our Mairie appear to delight in being ignorant.
Someone connected to the Mairie lives up the road and his property has never been obstructed during the months of works.

Hi Helen,

Thanks for that. I’ll keep it in mind.

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Helen - you are about an hour’s drive from Annajayne.


56 is a big department.

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Does place du marche previously toupergel deliver in your area…???

Just a thought…you might not be able to get everything you want but they do have a good selection…

In 56 they deliver once a week on a Tuesday…

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Ok…I think you know my direction sense is a little off :grinning:

Actually the sat nav in my car has ceased to work and I’m now solely relying on my 5 year old Tom Tom from U.K…(visit to garage on
my to do list)

But I don’t like to think that anyone is struggling if I’m close enough that I may be able to help out in some small way…

Before lockdown I used to go to Super U every week and often encountered an elderly lady on the car park with her shopping who I would give a lift home to and as it turned out she lived very close to me…

The first time I loaded her shopping into my car I had absolutely no idea where she lived and could potentially have ended miles out my way but I just thought that had that scenario happened then I would still much rather help someone than say no and ignore someone asking for help…


They’ve unblocked us, at least for the moment. I had a little growl at their management and the prefecture. Hallelujah I have shopping. Thanks for offering to help.

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Anytime and you’re welcome…,! So pleased you have supplies…!

Growling but no biting is good amongst my gang of Border Collies and establishes the natural hierarchy :joy:

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I love border collies, great intelligence, I’ve worked sheep with them and looked after many as a pet sitter.

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Yes they snuck into my heart as a kid when we used to spend part of the summer holidays looking after a relatives dairy farm whilst they went on holiday…

Their border collie would do its duty early in the morning and then spent the rest of the day with me and my sister in the haystacks and mushrooming and laying on the floor with us reading books or just with us whatever we were doing…

The grown ups for the most part were just an indistinct chatter going on in the background whilst lifelong bonds were being formed in my mind and the minute I left home and had my own place I bought my very first Border Collie puppy and we were inseparable…

My eldest daughters first word wasn’t mummy or daddy but the name of my collie lol :grinning:

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