Robot lawnmowers

Current mower is due for replacement. It’s a Worx 36V model and, even with larger capacity batteries, it’s a wimp. As soon as the grass gets higher than it likes, which isn’t very high (if I miss a week, for example), it isn’t at all happy.

There are some old threads on here but I can’t see any which deal with my (perhaps ignorant on my part) question: How do robots cope with bumpy ground? The town is builty on clay and you can feel in when you walk on the grass, which has a tendency to tuftiness. It’s quite flat, which is a bonus.

I like the idea of mulching, and am not really averse to a proper lawnmower (not another battery one, though, which means it would have to be petrol), but ideally I’d fancy a robot.

Context is everything…


Ours copes fairly well with a bumpy, rough lawn. Occasionally it will get stuck, but not seemingly due to bumps. We’ve also noticed that over time, perhaps due to repeated mowing and mulching, the bumps seem to flatten and become less pronounced.If you don’t mind sometimes having to check up on your robot mower’s whereabouts, then it should work fine.

Would you mind letting me know the make of yours?

This is the one we have…

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Thanks - I think that might suit us

I would ask the additional question of how well they would cope with something like this:

Probably not suited, I guess. For scale, that greenery is about 20-30cm high, and the tufts of bog grass significantly higher. Also, the grass is almost invariably wet for most of the year (not France, but Ireland). Most people seem to have tractor mowers, or petrol powered meaty Briggs & Stratton mowers.

So far, I have used a brush cutter on the bog grass, and a nylon strimmer on the rest, but it isn’t brilliant. Guess I’m going to have to bite the bullet for a petrol driven affair.

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