Rochefort: The home of Pierre Loti re-opens

I’d love to visit this place… it looks amazing…

Oh, that is such good news! I visited there a few years ago, it is absolutely astonishing. Been waiting for it to reopen. Hooray!

Just shows how fast time flies - I didn’t realise it was over ten years ago when it closed!

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don’t often get to Rochefort, but now I’ve seen the photos, I’ll certainly be dropping by when we’re next in the area.

It is worth a trip Stella. The house is simply astonishing, beautiful, eccentric, exotic. I’m planning to buy it. :rofl:

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Oh dear, I was so excited, then somebody pointed out it is due to open in 2023, not this year. :frowning:

It’s something to take note of … :rofl: :+1: :roll_eyes:

We spent three weeks in and around Rochefort last year and I liked it as a town - despite the run down aspect in parts. It’s on my list of places to “retire” to, and that was without this added attraction. We took the DVD of “Demoiselles de Rochefort” with us, and hummed and skipped our way around town.

And so much of interest around the town! Well worth a visit and even more so now.