Rolf Harris

He’s dead and rot in hell I say, good riddance!


Agree. Perhaps he is being prodded with a fork along with Savile.


As long as the Nonce Wing in Hell has room for all Epstein’s clients and Philip Schofield’s brother, I’m fine with it.

Not claiming any special powers, but always found him creepy and Saville too…


What amazed me today was a friend telling me how much Rolf Harris paintings were being advertised for on ebay. Who on earth would want one of those around :scream::scream::scream:

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Hang it next to your Gary Glitter song lyrics :face_vomiting:

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Never would have suspected him. Savile was always odd, but not Rolf.



I think it is a very sad situation. Was he a pervert ALL of his life or was it an aberration in his later years? Not that it matters much I suppose. Either way , it reminds me of Shakespeare’s play ‘Julius Caesar’ and Marc Antony’s speech . . . '“The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones.” Which, while it may be fair, is still a great shame . . . . .

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No idea but I know someone whom he abused during the mid to late1970s. Vile. Absolutely vile.

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I belive I saw an advert for a documentary on his life if anyone wants to know more about whether he was a pervert all of his life. From my perspective he never showed an ounce of remorse.

My brother went on the QE2, and Harris was the entertainment. Unfortunately my brother bought one of his paintings which, needless to say, is not hanging on the wall.

I watched the documentory when he painted ER2 at Buck house. You would never have known it then as it was pre-discovery of his vile actions but I always wonder what Liz said when she found out later. He did do a very good painting though and was talented in that respect. There must be hundreds more of these perverts who were never found out.

Not to justify him, but there was a time when some entertainers and musicians definitely felt it was fine to have sex with underage girls, and it appears to have been a norm. Sometimes it seems to come back and bite them, and others everyone seems to have forgotten/not mind.


It certainly seems that there was an atmosphere at the time, perhaps even expectation as you say.

Almost as intriguing are the artists who engaged without complaint from their (many) partners - Iggy pop (in)famously bedded a 13 year old, Lemmy claimed to have slept with 1000’s of women and given the circumstances I doubt each and every one was over the legal age of consent.

One suspects the fundamental difference is just that - consent (legal or not) - but one can see how the expectation might have developed that young girls (and boys) were fair game.

I just read about Lionel Ritchie a couple of days ago, who, at 73, has a girlfriend of 33. I do find it very very strange why folks choose to do this, and just wonder what they must be thinking……………….

Scared of getting old is what it is, just like those vain women who end up with alien faces but still have wrinkly brown spotted hands and necks LOL.


Because they can. IIRC Robert deNiro has just recently had another child with a girlfriend.

One of the things I notice about being older is that women are attractive to me (not necessarily the other way round :wink: ) over a much wider age range. If I were looking for another partner then I probably would not restrict myself to +/- 5 years, but would instead see who I clicked with.

Reminds me of this… the best interview question ever :smiley:


I think Harris was always a pervert.

I remember back in the seventies on a trip from Perth to Darwin, the aircraft needed a running repair at Derby. During the time Harris, who was a fellow passenger, retrieved his guitar from the hold and entertained us in style. At the time, it was a supreme jamming session, but looking back knowing what I know now, it was creepy the way he had the younger passengers - of whom there were a good few - grouped around him.

Sad, very sad, as he could equally have gone down in history the other way, but for his faults.