have you been taking your tablets?

look...its a 20 second clip of a guy going through complete agony and ecstasy. A vivid yet sympathetic view of the Artist in his studio, as he milks the very life from his media. His retina nigh on vapourised by the raging battle of two of God's own colours, as they seek to find peace in this purgatory we call planet Earth. The hue and cry of two equal powers, diametrically opposed, but tonally twinned, intransigent un welcome bedfellows, rigid in their stoic stance upon canvas.

and I'd run out of red.

I was thinking about doing a painting ....all green, but with a little dab of red.... I mean, I don't know much about Art, but I do know that Acrylics aren't cheap.

@sheila It's not finished!....I was going to put some more Green in....Henry would understand.

You call that "work"!

Ah, cheers James.... so I guess such items won't play on an ipad...although YouTube video does. I'm not concerned, it's just that I was in the pub and wanted to show someone the Artist at work... but it's OK, I mimed it.

Video player on here is Flash :(

Hi,trying to view this on a Ipad. is it Flash? thought it was HTML5?

@ Barbara, thank you.

I appreciate your energy and your appertite for finding

new adventures.

No's Art!

That's comedy Ron!

it's Art...whaddayoono!

get a life!

Thanks Sheila!