Like Dali brings to life a horse by painting a reflection, Ron, makes this painting red, by adding green.

Masterclass, Ron, Mr. D would have been proud.


I studied at the WSCD

@ Helen..indeed a ploy used by many masters... good job I had a tube in stock! lol

But of course, you have to have the green dot. It's what makes the red painting more red. Obvious really.

oh chuckly chuckly

hello Mirela, there's no know cure!!

hahah I like this a true artistic

@ celeste vogel-dillon Hi, yes, she who rules is back....thank the Lor'

I have decided I'm going to do a proper Vlog...shaved...'n stuff... may comb my hair. Hup Hmmmm

OOOO we're into what is art?... Marcel Duchamp was no plumber... was he taking the P*ss? And some of these German Journalists will end up with egg on their faces, but the beauty of Art in is the ei of the beholder..Speigel ei!!! phew got there!

Anyway Celeste how long have you been on drugs?

Hi Celeste. The kids raved about the Gunther show, certainly a showman in his own right, they bought me back a book ( and some lousy T shirt ) wonderful stuff.

Yes, they say Damiun lacks originality ( art thief ) 'ALLEGEDLY and without prejudice' The dots are daft, but I saw him interviewed at his retrospective, he's actually alright....Great Rock and Roll swindle? All Thanks to Chas Saatchi... anyway I thought Shazza was in 'the Gazza Strip', a kit that Gazza will sadly no longer wear.... brings a tear to the eye.

... do I know the Tate? ..Ha!....err Sharon?

Used to work in Berkeley Sq. and my family have just got back from Blighty and did the Museums and Galleries including Gunther von Hagen's expo ( Dr.Death ) fascinating...not an artist, but not dissimilar to DH either. Have to be careful what I say about the wonderful Damian as one of his representatives features on the Art Department...shhhh!

You have, Celeste, made a very good point, I could knock spots off DH!... hooked on Coke ( diet ) doesn't seem to we working ha ha

hehe Celeste...I've been called a shark before, but never compared to Damian Hirst, accolade indeed....I am thinking Yellow for the Jaundiced, Orange for the fruity ( Dutch Masters ..keep out of this Sheila ) and Ron does White...which is what I may do shortly after this Coke....any colourful ideas any one? Ron does Beige for the Boring....

Right it's now a fully fledged competition, your ideas for a Ron-does. Concepts on a Postcard please....

I have been contemplating a series 'Ron Does Pink' for my Gay following, 'Ron does Black' for the Manic Depressives? whaddya think? any ideas?

...der run out of green ( man! )

@ Kate... Michelle my wife knows a bit about the Caf..if its important give us a ring

ooo this comment...Tsk, Silly Moi? Post a question in disussions about Caf