Roof trusses manufacturer


I would like to build an a building for farm animals.
Can someone advise me on choosing a local roof trusses manufacturer ?
Is there some kind of directory for these companies ?


Hi Raimis… welcome to our Forum.

Before you build… you will need to check with the Mairie that you have the right to do so… At the same time, you could check with them for local timber companies. Often the Mairies have business fliers/cards … it’s worth trying.

By the way… please could you put your full name on the Registration page…


Stella - I often see you ask for these details and I understand they are important.

Should the sign up process be changed to insist upon forename/surname?

HI Mat … it is a requirement of membership… and most people manage to fill the registration page in correctly. When they don’t… we ask them to look again at their information.

But, I will ask the-powers-that-be… if it can be emphasised/made clearer in some way… :grin:

NB: having just taken another look at the Sign-Up section…
"Name: … (give full name) " so I’m not sure how much clearer it can be… :thinking:

Perhaps Forename & Surname and don’t allow the signup process to continue unless completed, part of the form validation process.