Roof trusses

Can anyone advise me on importing roof trusses into France. Apart from the logistics which I can organise would there be any legal/administration that could hinder my plans. I would also appreciate advice on vapor barrier, slating lathes and truss spacing, ie 400 or 600 centres. Thanks.

Thanks for all your input. Robert I like the sound of your situation, I will be in France but not as a full time resident, it would be good to chat!

Well done Melissa, my plan also. I would be interested to know the spacing you used and then what felt/ vapor barrier(make and weight/grade? What size batons did you use?

Having done a little research at home John I have found that the BS stressing of timbers compare or exceed any of the European standards. Sales issue may well be an issue so I will need to enquire about that. Thanks.

Fair enough, and you hopefully won't get bogged down with the curious idea of timber sizes that are too square to be strong compared to more rectangular sizes we are used to.

As Robert said without a Siret number you sound like you would get stuffed. Just confirm you can get building insurance with no Normes sizes/timber involved. I was told I couldn't if I used UK roof tiles, if you ever want to sell maybe an issue.

We bought and had our roof trusses made to measure and delivered from/by Chausson the builders merchant in France, with instructions of exact spacings etc and put them up ourselves - 32 of them!

I'm sorry William but that doesn't surprise me at all. I set up at an account with a nearby builders merchant expecting to get some discounts......No chance!!! Not without a siret number.

The longer I'm here the more cynical I become as to future of France. I am now trading as a UK company here. So long as I don't become "resident" I don't see how they can stop me???

Thanks John for your reply. The main and only reason to import the trusses is the cost. I did get a quote from a company in France that make trusses, but I am able to buy these at home (Northern Ireland), transport them and still save a substantial amount.

I can't advise but why go to the bother when they are available in France? Timber sizes will be different so there maybe some regulation difficulties?