Roofer in the Var

Hi, I just wondered if anyone could recommend a roofer as we have had an exorbitant quote to fix ours. The house is an old tiled farmhouse just outside Cotignac village. Many thanks, Danny

Even in the sticks where I live ANY roofing costs both arms both legs and a kidney. If someone is super cheap, or available at short notice, there’s usually a reason. Just cleaning a roof is upwards of 25€ a m² and it mounts up.


I’ll echo that Vero. In my experience over the years, and not just in France, roofers are a breed apart, always expensive but not always competent.

I’ve used the Draguignan branch of the Company below on several occasions. The first time after significant storm damage and on a couple of other occasions for difficult to trace leaks. I’ve found them relatively reasonably priced and not prone to overselling. That might vary branch to branch though.

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