Roofer needed


My name is Claire & I recently arrived in France to look after a lovely old house in Sarlat. The house is hundreds of years old and we have a few leaks in the roof. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good roofer in the Sarlat area. Thanks a million

Hello Claire, welcome to Survive France. Hopefully someone will be along shortly who can help you. In the meantime, please could you add your surname, as per the terms of this forum. Thanks.

Check if there is loads of moss on the roof. We had a problem whereby moss was causing rain to come under the tiles - we removed the moss and applied anti-mousse and the problem was fixed quick, easy & cheap.

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I can recommend SARL Delmond-Les Granges-La Chapelle Aubareil, 06-85-53-47-39, which is close to Sarlat. He will both clean and repair as necessary.

Chris Batch, Les Eyzies.

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@ClaireMc Thanks for filling in your full name.

Some one I know had a similar problem! Just moss and rubbish from nearby trees.
Because of the awkwardness of the roof a roofer was asked to have a look first, he claimed a lot of tile damage and quoted over 20,000 euro’s for a new roof! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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On no!!! Thanks Chris for the recommendation really appreciate it