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Hi guys, im new to south of France. Builder by trade and am looking for a product (liquid applied roofing) in the uk there are many brands which includes a fibre glass membrane. I can’t find anything in France, and if I have they are asking for £2000+ for 25m2 of the product. Does anyone know of a brand or a product that I may not know about?

Many thanks

Do you think the title of the thread may be misleading?

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Ever so slightly.

25m2, that’s a big oven.

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Hello, welcome to SF :slightly_smiling_face: I had a similar dilemma last year when searching for a product to weatherproof a big shed. I researched on the 'net and found the UK products which seemed to fit the bill, only to discover that there’s no equivalent in France. After using a rubber-based, paint-on product from a well known glue manufacturer, (not cheap!), it’s proving to be a waste of time and money in this climate, after less than a year. If you have some way of importing something pro from the UK, go for it!

I have been out of the building game for a long time now but OH before moving to France was an approved contractor for Sovereign Chemicals in the UK for many years, using their buildingproducts. He continued to do so in France for a subsidary over here and still continued to get products from the UK so I don’t know if they are still going, but worth a google and some enquiries.

I don’t know exactly what you are needing to achieve, but I would recommend using EPDM roofing for sheds, flat roofs etc…

It’s readily available in France & the UK - Screwfix do many sizes of kits.

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No doubt sheet roofing is better, but not always achievable :slightly_smiling_face: The OP asked about liquid products, which was what I needed too. It’s worth the cost to import an appropriate product, assuming it’s legal to do so now :thinking:

isoflex, Screwfix have it in UK but pretty sure not in their France catalogue. Guaranteed for 12 years but it had lasted 20 and was still going strong on a garage roof (complete roof over old felt with unlocatable leaks)I did back in the UK last time I checked. Screwfix do pro accounts and have occasionally seen them on cashback sites or other discount/points earning schemes.

I’d import by going and fetching, declaring and paying whatever is necessary on the way in, otherwise liquid chemical so couriering risky and complicated

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Sika do liquid roofing and products are easily obtained in the EU.
There are PU cold applied and polyurea coatings and liquid EPDM these days.

what product names would this include please Corona,?

Sikalastic is one, my local builders merchant has another but cant remember the name at the moment, have it at home in my file.
Polyurea you’ll probably have to google for local info. It works very well as a pool liner especially on concrete pools where painting is a waste of time. Also and I first saw it as a pond liner material, Impermax is the trade name.

Just gave my local merchant a call. Its Bullet Roof Mono

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