Rookie guide to holiday home internet :-)

Hello - Newbie to your brilliant practical forums discussion. We’ve just bought in the south, and until we can move permanently :weary: we need to find a cheap and reasonably good wifi provider- quickly (!)There is a connection and wires already available if we want in the property as previous owners had Orange. I’ve seen Orange and Free seem to be popular - or is there anther clever way to access wifi for the weeks we can visit rather than a monthly charge (trying to keep costs down ideally). We have seen a 19.99 quote for wifi a month from both the providers mentioned. Someone told me about a satellite service , is there any tips from your experienced community out there? Thank you so much for your help :zap::blush::zap:

Does your property have fibre broadband or ADSL via the landline telephone connection?

What internet access speed did the previous owners get from Orange?

Avoid satellite internet unless you can afford Starlink.

A 4G/LTE modem might be the way to go under the following circumstances:

  1. No fibre broadband is possible

  2. Your ADSL speed is horrible.

  3. You have excellent 4G mobile coverage at your house.

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You can use this web site to check what your broadband speed might be. You don’t need the phone line number as you can use the address. No need to fill in your e-mail address unless you want to be added to their e-mailng list. You’ll also get the cheape offers available at the time for your line.


Those websites are somewhat optimistic as it says I can have both ADSL and 4G modems at my house.

The reality is that Orange won’t sell me a Livebox as I’m too far from the exchange to get more than few hundred kbps and there’s not more than one bar of Orange 4G coverage anywhere on my property.


If you are going to be there quite randomly for a while you should consider tethering.
I have been using an Orange Tourist card in an old cellphone. My last trip was 39euros for 70GB of data and it lasted all month of watching random Youtube and remote office work to back home.
Granted, its not unlimited data and its more money, but for me its cheaper than paying for internet while I’m not here.
Once you are there permanently you will want to get some kind of permanent solution so you can monitor the place with cameras and such. I plan on getting an Orange 4G/5G modem with 200/300GB per month.

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Oh that’s a good call :+1:not heard of the tourist card and presume that’s from france from orange shop? So I could even switch out uk sum and stick that in when using data? Sounds ideal, thanks for the advice and you’ve also helped me work out the actually usage (how much is remote working my etc?)

Yes need to check as you say - those stone built walls don’t help and am curious how the connection actually functions… thank you

Brilliant thank you- that’s really useful!

A 4G/LTE modem, like TP - Link, is cheap. They work from a Sim card, and you could get decent volume for 10 - 15 euro a month.


thanks for your reply Peter - that sounds also great - if you have any idea