Room for student in Paris

Hi does day one know of a good website where we can find a room for our son to rent, he is doing a 10 month internship as of Monday 22nd May. We have looked most of them are cons but we are struggling. Tia

Hi Anita

Where is his Internship ??? I’m guessing wherever it is… they do not have anything on offer… or advice even… ???

You must be panicking (I would be) this close to the start date…

Hi Stella,
It is in Paris of all places, so expensive too. I don’t know about advice as it was all last minute. He can stay with a friend of his for a couple of days. I am hoping he may ask when he is there working for advice or help. If not will have to be hotel rooms which is expensive. He tried hostels but they are 66€ a night! Thank you for your email. Will let you know if he gets sorted.
Kindest regards

Where in Paris ? It makes a difference.

I live in Paris. 66 euros for a hostel !!! You can do lovely hotels for that if you know where to look.

Air B&B must be a good bet ??

Anita… definitely get him to broach the subject from Day 1… there will be an Office/Someone dealing with Staff Welfare etc… no idea how that translates into French, just know it exists…

We have a Facebook group for Paris area, you could ask in there, I regularly see offers of room to rent.

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Hi he will be working in the 16th arrondissement. We have tried airbnb and awaiting a reply. Thank tou

We have told him too but, he says he wants them you ask him first where he is staying. He’s a bit shy.

That’s great will ask thank you.

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Gosh Anita… it’s been a while :wink: but I can recall such a moment… first day… knowing no-one…feeling so shy, yet wanting to appear so nonchalant…

He is not alone… others may simply hide their shyness/uncertainty better than he does… but, he will not be alone.

“keep your nerve and remember to breathe” was the good advice given to me in a similar situation…

Good luck to him … hope all goes well.

My daughter spent three months in Paris as a student. We struggled to find anywhere for her to stay and were almost ready to go to plan B where she would stay with relatives a 40 minute train ride away. When she went to register for her course she spoke to a few people and sorted out a room almost straight away.

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Hi David,
That is what we are hoping for.Thank you.

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Or try airbnb, steer away from Craigslist they’re usually all scams!

Try looking a bit away from 16th! My daughter lives there and it’s a really expensive arrondisement ! Try 17th or 13th

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Thank you.

Hello, new to the discussion, just wondering if your son was able to get any leads on finding a place? Being American and having moved to France myself 16 years ago I can sympathize with his shyness about plunging straight into a new culture/language/country!!!

We are trying that. Thank you

Possibly a bit late now, but just adding for what it’s worth. We have always got the flats for our kids via “leboncoin” (Bordeaux, Castres, Lilles, Poitiers…) how well it works for Paris, I’ve no idea. You could also contact the Mairie of the locality, they usually have some kind of “service logement”.
Good luck, in a few weeks we will be searching in Toulouse.

Thank you for the information. Good luck in Toulouse. Harry found a really nice place there but it is already rented out again.