Round the World trip travel insurance

Hi di hi peeps.

We are booking a round the world trip to go and see me Mum (now in her 80th year), who I had to place into a care home last year for her own safety and security. As you can imagine, doing that from a distance was fraught with many stumbles along the way - but, we got there in the end :slight_smile:

I have read previous links here re travel insurance, but the last one was dated 2020. The three the popped up in the threads are Staysure, Globelink and Axa. Have any of you lovely people recently taken out world wide travel insurance with any of them?

Phill is 65 and I shall hit 60 next month (eeeek)!

Many thanks - Steve

Due to the cost as we get older we were able to take out cover with a paid bank account. This also included European breakdown cover for the car so worked out a good option. Dont know if that is a thing in France

Have you spoken/contacted @fabien (our trusted Ins advisor…)

Thanks Stella. Shall do later this afternoon :slight_smile:

I always used WorldNomads. Have a wonderful trip.

Hi Corona. We do have gold cards with Britline that provide travel cover, but the funds come out from the account immediatly. Don’t wish to deplete the savings account - keep that as a backup. The round trip is looking like costing approx €17,000! Since Covid, everything has tripled in price. Cheers - Steve

Hi Karim. Thanks will have a look later this afternoon. Cheers - Steve

Just did a quick check on World Nomads site and got this message: “Travel insurance is not currently available for your Country of Residence (France), but we’ll be back soon.”

it doesn’t like Belgium either… very odd…

I use Europesure. I think they do worldwide despite the name.

Thank you all very much. I now have enough links to see how much it will cost for travel insurance.

Have a great week. Cheers - Steve

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