Route du Rhum 2018

Are any of you following this event ?? – Destination Guadalupe… :hugs:

Wish I had been there to see them off…

Not only following it but taking part from the comfort of my own home.

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Yes I follow it too Stella, as I do some other sailing events… and also like David, take part from my sofa with a Virtual sailing platform called Liveskipper, where you compete with others over the www

Ha ha… but you don’t risk getting seasick or drenched… on the www :wink::wink::wink:

Indeed not Stella; after some time dinghy sailing in my youth, 20 yrs in the Navy, sailing across the channel, some odd ferry trips here and there… was never seasick. Although it has to be said…the first day at sea could be a queasy one. I got to know the ins-n- outs of how to prevent/feel better…/ things to avoid :wink: … i have had a few soakings in some of those environments though :smiley:

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