Rowing Machine

... getting dusty

anyone know where i could sell a rowing machine here in france? or indeed if anyone on this form would like t buy one! i'm in revel on the broder of the 31 and 81, but could deliver within a couple of hours.

it's a spanky posh concept 2, going for 700-800+ on ebay uk. i'm not 'allowed' to row anymore

x teresa

rowing machine for sale update

to update i've dug out the manual pack (never opend it!)

and it's a CONCEPT 2 with PM3 Monitor, Model D

Thanks C and Hi Natasha... it's a concept 2 with a pm3 (i'm not sure if it's a c or d - just looked and no-where to be seen on it... i'll dig out all the manuals and stuff tonight)

it has everything it came with - evena bottle of chain oil! they're built to last forever and it's absolutely brilliant. My knee however is in ruins, and i simply can't row... ( i started rowing because i couldn't run anymore... hm. i could blame it on getting old, but my 84 yr old father is in 'training' for his 2nd 1/2 marathon this year )

I'll find the EXACT spec and watch a few on ebay to see how much they go for, but it'd be around e800

x teresa

Sounds interesting... have just joined the local rowing club and one at home would be a good idea!

What model of Concept 2 is it and how much are you looking for?


Natasha x

try le bon coin - bound to get more than you would on ebay uk too! And it's free!