Rowling's The Casual Vacancy for BBC

BBC to adapt JK Rowling's The Casual Vacancy in 2014.

You may be relieved to hear though that Mantel's Wolf Hall and Bringing Up Bodies will be aired in 2013.


I have no bias, having not read it, the HP books seem good from the little I have read. My daughter reads and rereads them, so perhaps that is some kind of recommendation. The new book is so new that it is perhaps 'indecent' of the BBC to adapt it before the dust has settled. Her best selling rating was pushed up by advance orders without the reading public really knowing how good (or otherwise) it is and the wave of sales with release. Will it endure like the HP books? Too soon to know, so what is the BBC doing? If it is good, then we can shower praise on them... It is indeed extraordinary that as yet there is no SFN member comment though as is being said here.

Yes, the Potter stories are strong story lines and characters.

As Holly said, be interesting to find a bookworm who has read the Casual Vacancy and give an opinion. It won't be me.


Haven't read The Casual Vacancy either (sorry) but have read all of the HP books!! Mainly read them because my children adored them! Huge benefit from that being that my son was keen to read - which wasn't always the case! Have to say that I really enjoyed them. They may not be great literature but they have good strong story lines and good strong characters and they catch your attention. At least that was what I found!

Might get around to reading The Casual Vacancy - but already have a long list of things waiting to be read!! :-)

Oh, I DO hope that someone responds who has read the book. I have to say though that although not incredibly deep, I did enjoy ALL of the Harry Potter books and find them to be great choices for children to read because of their ability to engage the reader. I wouldn't mind teaching a Harry Potter book or two in one of my classes further down the road when they've died down in popularity.

I haven't read it yet either Glyn but I'm not against giving it a try. I enjoyed the first Harry Potter book and it's atmosphere. My daughter was a big fan of Harry Potter while my son prefered the Lemony Snicket books.


Whilst the Potter books show some imagination and humour, I read the first and second with my youngest daughter, they weren't well written. There are too many books in the world to bother with the likes of an adult Rowling. I wish that somehow I could have soaked it up within a second, so I was certain of my prejudice.

Have you read it? If so your opinion please!

Best wishes


Glyn, Have you read "the Casual Vacancy" and if so what did you think of it? Penny