ROYAL ACADEMY SUMMER EXHIBITION-a reflection of the British public's taste in art?

Crikey! It's that time of year again. Has anyone submitted to the exhibition? I did, once many years ago and I miss attending. A friend of mine had two very small etchings accepted a few years back.

It's been held since 1769 and it seems, to those in the know, that it isn't "cool" but nobody seems to have told the great British public. This year there was over 12,000 entries from 27 countries and it is the largest open-submission contemporary art exhibition in the world.

Didn't get to see Hockney-had to make do with the excellent BBC documentary. The videos were fascinating.

Unfortunately I don't get much time to paint on location as I agree it's the best way to capture the scene and atmosphere. When I have run my courses, this is the best bit..Sorry that the Summer Exhibition wasn't very good. When I used to go in the '70's through to the early '90's there was always something interesting and stimulating to see.

With regard to your web site, I haven't used Wix but it might be worth uploading a larger than required file, and letting the programme do the resizing. I recently set up my wife's site on which has a shopping cart facility which has increased sales, as before it was via email contact like yours. I will be transfering mine as soon as I get the time.

thanks for that. There is a price list attached to the Contact section. The file sizes are as large as can be accepted and when I just looked again they do not appear out of focus on my computer....but will get more proffessional opiniion from my husband when he returns from UK. Thanks again for encouragement. Did you manage get to the Hockney exhibition? I thought the huge collection of so many landscapes together really inspiring and confirmed by belief in painting outdoors in the landscape itself.

Hi Susan, very good work especially the landscapes and fish watercolours and the heads and fish ceramics. About the web site; I think the file sizes should be larger as several pics are out of focus. Also no price list? You can put a link to your web site as well.

Yes, I submitted ' for a laugh' with a friend for courage and even flew to London with the two paintings...didnt get in and was a little disappointed until a member told me that my two very large paintings didnt have a chance...only RA members get big works in. When I saw the exhibition there were hundreds of tiny entries....didnt try this year but might have a go with a postage stamp next! I went to the opening day this year and thought it all looked very tired and sad. There seems to be no value given to craftsmanship...use of the medium any more. Nearly everything was an echo of a fashion long ago. Meanwhile I still get excited by working in water colour and clay and the learning process that goes with it.

If you are interested look on my website : any comments?