RSI again

You really have to laugh at this random letter I received today - obviously today as all RSI communications arrive on Saturdays so you can worry about them over the weekend, then spend all day Monday, unsuccessfully trying to get through to them along with everyone else.

The silliest thing about it is I didn't become self employed until November 2009!

Hi Tracy, from memory I had something similar quite early on where I had to go to my previous employers to get proof of what I had earnt and paid in cotisations etc. - nothing ever came from it, i think it was just so they could justify not charging me for any dates prior to 2009!

Oops - I can't open it either!

No, it is a genuine letter - has to be, it's so daft.

Madame, la caisse RSI vient de proceder a la regularisation de votre dossier pour le motif suivant;

Application de la cotisation maximale pour non-declaration des revenues 2008.

Apres analyse de votre compte, il apparait que celui-ci est solde!

There is then an attachement to be sent back with a '0' balance, hilarious but wouldn't be if they were actually asking for money.

Hi Tracy, Firefox can't open your attachment on my computer so I can't see what it is but can guess it's something for pre nov 2009! Did you see my posting about false, but very believable RSI letters that are doing the rounds at the moment (it was on TF1 the other day).

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