RSI - Am I covered?

Hi everybody! Happy New Year!

Have a slight problem, well hope not anyway.

Last year I became an AE as an English Teacher and have paid one lot of cotisations etc. so far.

I received a Notice of Situation from the RSI in June last year, stating:

"Nous avons bien enregistre votre demand d'immatriculation. Vous etes redevable de votre cotisation d'assurance maladie obligatoire. Vous etes affilie au regime social des independants a compter du 19.04.12 en application des nouvelles dispositions concernant les createurs, la date de paiement de votre premiere cotisation est reportee au 1er jour du 4em mois qui suit votre decision d'affiliation."

Which I believe means that they have recorded my registration and I am liable for my health insurance contributions. I am affiliated to the RSI, effective from 19th April and the date of my first payment is ......

Stating my cotisations for the period 2012 was €0.

Today, I contacted the RSI who stated that I was not covered regarding the health insurance as they viewed it as secondary activity. Which it is not. I do receive a pension from the UK, which is from my previous employment. I am too young to have an old age pension!

Is this right? How can they class it as a secondary activity? Am I missing something.

The issue for me is the health side as my S1 has run out, oops!

Will do!
Thank you for your advice.
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I'd guess it will be something like that. Suspect you can't be in two categories at once and that, if as it sounds AE is your main/sole activity they'll want an attestation to say so and that will sort it; but I'd go and talk to RAM or whoever you are insured with and get them to advise how to straighten it out.



Thank you for this, it sounds as though are cases are similar and for some reason they think it is a second activity, which it is not.
My pension is a government one, which of course, they don’t necessarily know and have perhaps put me down as receiving an old age pension. I ticked the box as being retired!??
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I don't know how your pension from the Uk might affect things but here's what happened to to me and how it was resolved.It came to light last September when I went to see my GP, luckily I had enough 'credit' built up from working that I was still insured via CEPAM as they had not received notification from RSI and therefore assumed I was still with them!

I registered as AE as of March 15 2012. Previously I had been doing some teaching at a Lycee so was paid by the Academie, hence insured via Maladie Assurance[CEPAM]. When I became an AE I made an error on the form and instead of indicating that I would only be an AE ticked the box that I would also be employed [at that time I thought that that might be the case]. RSI took this to mean that I was employed somewhere and the AE was a secondary activity. This wasn't the case; I'm solely AE [freelance teacher].

What was required to solve the problem was to write an 'attestation sur l'honneur' that my only activity was as an AE and get that to my district RSI office. Faxing was recommended. It took about 4 weeks. They will not accept scanned docs by email.

As a profession liberale I joined RAM as the health insurance provider and they were really helpful -- I took all my paperwork to them and they advised me on what needed to be done in my case.

Suggest you either contact your insurance provider or your district's RSI office [you can find out where it is on the RSI website] and explain your situation.

Incedentally your cotisations that you have been paying as an AE are -as far as I am aware- all social charges so include health insurance contributions. So you have been paying, but perhaps not into the right pot. Don't worry about that CEPAM and RSi will sort that out between them.

Hope this helps.

Good luck & hope you get it sorted soon!