RSI Declaration Trimestral

I know this has been covered elsewhere in this excellent forum, please would someone kindly direct me to the relevant discussions as I can't seem to find them?

I signed up for Auto Entrepreneur in April following the demise of my sarl in 2011, and have received the RSI papers - how do I go about filling them in? I prefer to do it online, and I know it's probably easy but I don't want to make any mistakes!

I had a very good acct doing my sarl paperwork but now I'm on my own. Although the AE wasn't registered till 6th April, I've had income since the beginning of the year but this is the first declaration paper I've received.

Any guidelines from others' previous experience gratefully received!

Many thanks in advance.

No help from anyone? Surely I'm not the only person to have received this kind of form?

I do hope someone can point me in the right direction at least!

Hi Tracy, The heading is:


Regime micro-social simplifié avec versement liberatoire de l'impot sur le revenue.

The CERFA number is 'en cours' so it must be a new doc.

I'm also a bit concerned because the siret number they noted after my ss number is different to the one they gave me before.

It's my earlier one I've been using on invoices, not this new one!

I'm sure others must have had to go through this, which is why I'm asking for enlightenment before I bit the bullet and call the RSI!

Many thanks.

Hi Celia,

The RSI are apt to send out a bundle of papers (as I'm sure you know), can you be more descriptive about what they are and then can someone can help - if you can scan them that would help even more.