RSI - help!

I received my SIRET number on March and on my application I stated that my 'business' start date was 1 December 2011. (my application was sent in in the middle of October!) I have just received my first bill from RSI, does anyone know which date I take the first three months from? The date they sent it to me or my business start date or the date on the letter I received my SIRET number??

AH yes you can rely on Andrew but RSI is another story


the business start date to 31 déc.It'll be on your insee registration letter "date de prise d'activité" But there again you shouldn't need to put any dates on a déclaration trimestrielle de recettes...! that's assuming that you're an AE, can't help with sarl or other set ups and if you are an AE don't forget you pay the URSSAF and they sort out what goes to the rsi and elsewhere ;-)