RSI - It's a Mystery

So on my last post about Carte Vitales I blogged about the fact we had finally received our little green cards, But that Maisy hadn't been added. I'd contacted RSI who told me I had to fill out a really long winded form & send off everything from our passport copies, birth certificates and inside leg measurements as well as repeating our Choix du medecin traitant form which needs signing by our Dr.

Having not sent these off yet as we needed our Dr's signature, I was surprised to find on Saturday that we received a letter from RSI saying Maisy has been added to our carte vitales & we received a new attestation de sante.

So the fonctionnaires at RSI managed to add Maisy without the above' obligatoire' form for adding her as a beneficiary of my hubby's healthcare.

I'm not complaining but just wondering now, do I send off the obligatoire form & rock the boat or just not bother now she has been added?

@ Andrew, yes I used the little machine to mise a jour our cards and hurrah she's on both. No more feuille de soins - da da da da da da (to tune of little trumpet) I must have filled in & sent off approx 100 or more in the past 3 years!

@ Jennifer - yes agree not needed for Maisy but they've somehow lost Darren's declaration which he did 2 years ago. Our Medecin was surprised too as she remembered doing it. I just rolled my eyes, as you do and said c'est RSI!

Jennifer, my kids don't have a medecin traitant either...! As for the documents, yes your case prouves go for plan B I highlighted earlier. Anything can happen with or without the documents, after a year or so of being with the rsi, the cpam cocked up the whole system by mistakingly trying to reinstate their cover and old card and temporarily cancelling my new rsi carte vitale leaving me with no cover for a month while they sorted their mess out! all good fun... not!

OH! Send the form. I had my Social Security canceled in the middle of my pregnancy because they didn't have a document that they needed from ten years before. TEN YEARS! They said we never had your marriage certificate. I said you never asked for one. They said oh well we need one. Give them what they ask or it might be even more of a headache later.

I was told by my medecin traitant that children don't have to have a medecin traitant. So, I don't know Maisy's age but she probably doesn't need one. Both of my children were not required to have one. But our Social security is handled via CPAM. I'm sure it works the same. I just got my letter from RSI that I'm getting a new carte vitale but they screwed mine up and added a complementaire when I already have one.

I'd pop down to your local pharmacie or cpam and stick the carte vitale into the borne and check that she's on there/update the carte and if everything's ok I wouldn't bother OR i'd send it all off stating that it's retrospective as they're capable of messing things up. I had to go through the same but they didn't add my kids to my new carte (they hadn't bothered when I changed from the cpam to the rsi because they're already on my OH's carte with the msa...!)until they'd had the livret de famille, kid's cartes d'identité and their certificats de naissance...!