RSI letter

I received a very official looking letter/form - a Bulletin d’adhésion - from RSI yesterday. Not from the RSI which is ‘régime social des indépendants’ but from a Paris-based organisation calling itself 'Repertoire des Sociétés et des Indépendants.

Some of the details of my business set-up are included on the form, others I am supposed to complete. And they want 652 euros!

Does anybody know anything about this? Is it a scam?

Thank you everybody who has replied.
The letter has been well and truly crumpled up and binned.
I wish I could do the same with letters from the ‘real RSI’!

Hi, yes it is definitely a scam, I received one yesterday, but I have had a lot of clients who have had these too. If you look on the back of the form you received, it says that it is not obligatory to send the money & if you do, you are paying for some sort of internet publication. Just bin it. I know a lot of ex-pats who have paid it because they didn’t/coudln’t read the French properly!

It’s a fake. I called the RSI to ask about it. They said just to bin it. Cheeky isn’t it? I bet they manage to trick lots of people… :frowning:

I confirm that’s a scam… Don’t pay anything to them and throw its letter directly to the trash.

Duly binned! Didn’t spot the other thread… must log into SF more often!!

Yes its a scam ( already reported under another thread ) … just BIN IT !

Yep, it certainly looks that way. A thread on a French marketing forum has a copy of the exact letter that I received:

I I was a bit thrown by the fact that they included my SIRET etc but I suppose that’s easy enough to find.

I wonder how many poor unsuspecting souls have sent off cheques?

Oops, yes… I really must learn to read the small print!

Very much a scam. There have been various Tweets (and possibly other threads on SFN) warning of these RSI poseurs.

Dear Chrissie,

At the bottom of the front page you will notice small prints mentioning that the letter is a simple offer with no obligation.