RSI Pension

Hello I hope this has not been mentioned before. I was due to receive a small stipend from RSI but it has not arrived. I stopped my little business over 2 years ago and am of pensionable age, have received a pension statement from them but no pension. When I try to ring them there is no response. I understand that there are problems with RSI (pending fraudulent activities claim regarding their setup originally).

Has anyone else had this problem please? If so how have you resolved it.
Thank you.


I’m in receipt of an RSI pension and have also been trying to contact them - 3 times by phone and once by email - all without success. I notice they’ve put an excessive amount of pension on my tax return which I wish to query but obviously I’m not being allowed to! The best I can do is to add a note on the tax return and hope that the tax office will take it into account.
Your pension SHOULD arrive. It may take time. If it doesn’t then I think you should write RAR to them.

Hi Delia

I admit to knowing nothing on this subject… but… why can’t you query the amount RSI have put on your Tax Return ??

Can’t you change preprinted amounts on your Return ??? … I do… and then I put an explanation in the comments box. :wink:

I can’t get any answers from the RSI! I’ve now written a note to the tax
office to include with my return. Hope that suffices.

There are no comments boxes on the paper forms.

Hi Delia…

I’ve looked back at my paper declarations… up to and including 2012… and there is an area marked: Vos Revenus Connu (a big box at the bottom of page 2 of 2042K.) . where it prints known revenue and asks for it to be corrected with explanations if necessary…

(Although I am online now… I am still asked to correct and explain… as and when.)

I’m sure the Tax Office will be able to help…

Many thanks, Stella. Yes, I had seen that part at the bottom of the page
and that was what I am contesting as the amount doesn’t correlate with
deposits in my bank account from the l’assurance retraite. Methinks the
french pension system is in need of a drastic overhaul in order to make
things simpler!

Delia… As I said…

If the figure is incorrect… then put a line through the incorrect figure and enter the amount you have actually received (as you can show by your bank statements if necessary.)

Yes, Stella,I intend to do that as well. Thanks for all your suggestions!