Rsi sos!

Auto Entrepreneur. I registered in April and was due to pay my first trimestre by 31 October, then they sent the second as well for the same date which is okay, but that both papers had the wrong siret number on them! I visited my local office and she didn't understand it at all. Yesterday I finally managed to get through to the area office and he didn't either. Eventually he said he'd remove the 'new' number from my dossier, but that I was late paying so would incur a fine.

I explained that I'd registered online but that I was told I'd nothing to pay, he replied that it was because I'd used my real number instead of the 'new' number! And sighed.

As did I.

Hello Anna

It sounds as if you have failed to complete the annual Déclaration Commune des Revenues des professions indépendantes for the RSI. This arrives and is to be submitted a short time before your annual declaration for the tax office. It would appear the tax office and the RSI don't talk to each other either!

See here:

If the RSI doesn't receive this, it applies the "taxation d'office", which is an assumption that you have earned (from memory) around 30,000 € and applies penalty charges for late payment.

It may just be a question of submitting the missing declarations now, in order for a recalculation to be made (assuming you didn't submit them in the first place!)

Which "regime" are you working under ? I created an EURL , if you are an AutoEntrepreneur situation may be different.

We (two of us - business partners) each just got ridiculous 7400 euro bills from the RSI for this trimestre. I went straight down to the accountant. She laughed out loud. She thinks that EVERY ONE of her clients got the same thing. She tells me that the RSI computer system is at fault. She assures me that we will actually be paying the minimum, as usual.

How does one qualify for minimum payment? I was told that if you earn nothing you pay nothing, so..?

I think I pay the minimum which is 388€ a quarter

Thanks Tracy (and Ben)

Lets hope my next post is to let you all know we are happy again, and everything is sorted!!!

The thing is, CPAM is for retired or salaried folks - if you have been self employed since 2004, then you should have been registered direct with the RSI not CPAM, CPAM and RSI almost never communicate as they are completely separate organisations.

Ben gave good advice, you just show them everything you can and co-operate then hopefully they will recalculate a smaller bill and give you time to pay.

Hello Tracy

Neither myself or my husband are retired. We have made tax declarations since 2004, when we moved here, and have had a Carte Vitale since then. We have been covered by CPAM since 2004. Apparently when we registered the business CPAM should have sent all the information to RSI, this did not happen, so we are paying for it now (literally and figuartively!)

The business is in my husbands name and he makes the tax declaration. We have a joint declaration but I earn nothing, so the amount does not change. We do not even claim any benefits, which I understand we could be entitled too.

Oh well, thanks for your answer, lets keep our fingers crossed that when the RSI receive the Tax forms, they re-calculate more in our favour!!!

Hi Anna,

The minimum payments for 2012 are here

Hi Anna,

It's difficult to advise you with out more details - I have read your post on CPAM where you mentioned that you haven't been paying anybody anything, which starts to ring alarm bells.

Are you retired/early retired, have you made tax declarations and how have you been covered for healthcare for the last 8 years? There are specific circumstances relating to B & B's but - you should have been declaring something, somewhere. In the absence of verified accounts the RSI will charge you the 'forfait' on what they assume you probably earned. If you haven't declared as AE or specific regime they will use the standard business model although the figures you quoted sound a bit high - although not excessively

has some useful info and links including that you don't have to make contributions if you turn over less than 4740€ in 2012. However, where are you getting healthcare from - it's not free and if you are early retired you still have to pay one way or another.

Post a few more details and maybe someone can give you some more constructive advice - on first sight though it doesn't look as if you owe some money somewhere:-(

Check out for specific info on B & B in France

Thanks Ben. I have sent all the tax documents to our very helpful English Speaking lady!!! Lets hope it all gets resolved.

Do you know the minimum payment?

P.s. Cute photo, by the way!!!

Really, the best thing to do is getting al your French tax-papers concerning all the years of your activities, all your RSI correspondence, your papers regarding your B&B-activities, your passport and a recent proof of residency together and make an appointment with the RSI-lady to retake your file from zero.

As far as I know the RSI is related to the income of your business, but there's always a minimum amount to be paid.