Rubbish Collection by weight

Anyone currently paying for their rubbish collection by weight?

As from Jan 1st we are!

Currently paid per annum as part of Tax Fonciere. New scheme is to be a pilot but we have no info on charges. Guessing it will only add to our bill as we have Chambre d'hote and Gite. Visions of going through bins to recycle properly before the dustbin goes out each week...............

Anyone in this position?

No I'm not in Alsace but they were talking about it on the tv not long ago and showed the wheely bins, with locks so no one cheats, and the dustbin lorry that weighs the bin as it's lifted. We're charged separately by the local authority, both here in the Aveyron and in the Hérault and when we were in the cantal it was the same - and that depends on how many people live in the house. what you're paying sounds about right to me/similar to what we pay.

article here, looks like it's just some areas of Alsace, they played it out on the tv as if it was the whole of "germanic" alsace following the germans' example...!

Currently pay 258 euros per year as part of Tax Fonciere. Trying to get some idea of what charges might be. How are yours worked out? Do you pay a base price and then get charged so much per kilo over your base line?

Would appreciate any info.

from memory the whol of alsace has moved over to a pay by weight scheme - the fairest possible when you think about it - and everyone's chuffed to bits. Never heard of ordures ménagères being included in the taxe foncière and I've lived in various parts of France, lucky you!