Rubbish Removal - Skip Hire

Is there anything like skip hire in France, our building work is almost complete but we have a lot of rubbish to get rid of and we are not keen on the builders idea of digging a big hole and dumping on our land and its a bit too much for our van and the local tip. Any suggestions?

I’m in the process of looking for a skip and this is what I have found in my area, Rodez, Aveyron (12): our local company will bring a skip to our place leave it for a few days and come back to pick it up for a fee of 110€. Then, they charge 15€ per ton if your rubbish is “clean”, I think that means it’s all the same e.g. plaster boards or 98€ per ton if it’s mixed up (yes the figure is right, there is a lucrative market for sorting out recycling out there!). All prices are before tax of course and it is the same for a small or big skip (the most common size being 15m³ = 5.50m x 2.30 meter).
Hope you will find this information useful, at the very least, you’ll have a basis to compare.
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Try putting in Lourdoueix St Michel, 36140 - it should get you there and as its a small village you will see the signs for the Sceriie on the road in.

Yes and yes! The biggest timber yard near us is at Lourdoueix St Michel - we buy wood there regularly. Is it for the fires or for building work? Good dry wood for shelves etc is hard to come by and expensive… Good luck with everything :slight_smile:

You could ask your Marie - they sometimes arrange for it to be taken away I believe.
ps We’re near Aigurande so you’re not far from us.

What kind of rubbish is it? Anything that could contaminate the ground should be recycled, but if it’s inert I can’t really see a problem with burying it if there is no other reasonable option.

Skip hire is easy to come by where I live, they are a different shape in France but the outcome is the same. Maybe they are more expensive though.

A friend of mine, Bruno who is also a member works for a company that uses skip hire and disposal frequently. He’s not very active on here but if you haven’t found a solution yet I’ll ask him for his advice if you like?



I have much the same problem as as far as I can see and chatting to more established friends in France the answer seems to skip whats that, the bury idea or use it for a patio base seems to be way forward,sorry not much help i know but if you do locate a skip hire i think many may use it

It took me quite a while to discover the word for skip …it appears to be une benne. it wasnt listed on my favourite technical dictionary site see our discussion “builders language” too…

so anyway, if you search for them using this term you should come up with something. What area are you in?